The $15 Cup of Coffee

First of all I want to commend the coffee shop for being able to sell a $15 cup of coffee. Before you start whining about how that cup of coffee is 3 gallons of gas in Los Angeles, let me just say save your Anti-entrepreneurism for someone who cares.

There some coffee shops selling $15 cups of coffee called Panama Esmeralda Especial Reserve. I  believe in entrepreneurs and I love the ones that beat the odds. They found the formula for success. They found a way to stand out, they offer a luxury item and found the audience for this item. The people who drink this do not mind paying $100 for a half a pound of this rare coffee. If coffee is your passion this is a great way to indulge and splurge and even entertain your friends.

coffee bean
Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

This is what it’s about people. Finding the people to serve and giving them exactly what they want. They want an exclusive coffee experience. These coffee shops serve it up. It doesn’t cost too much when it’ something you want. What’s the lesson here?

  •       Be different in more ways than just the low price leader, not everyone wants to shop at Wal-Mart    
  • Brag about it, get some publicity on your business going, tell some people!
  • ·         Find your real audience, do not worry about the people who cannot afford what you have, find the real fans, they can always afford it.
  • ·         Give the value the FANS are looking for, forget about your critics.
  • Besides last time I checked, you can’t drive your car on coffee, so who cares how many gallons of gas that cup of coffee equals?


What’s your take on this? Is the $15 cup of coffee genius or insanity?

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Getting Some Action

April 5, 2009 by  
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I LOVE making lists, planning and getting things done. All of us like to get things done; however we all have different ways of doing them. If you are still frustrated with achieving the goals, I am going to ask you to look at a few things.

1. Most people set goals with no deadline. All of my goals have a due date (dead line). That way I can work backwards by looking at all the steps needed to reach the goal and time them out. I figure out how long each step takes and then I know when I have to start to reach my due date.

2. Most people do not break down the goal into steps. Each goal will have 3-10 steps to get it done. Any goal that is 1 or 2 steps is a task, not a goal. You are bigger than that. Go for something fantastic! Once you break down the steps or tasks to reaching the goal, how much time will you spend on them? There are times when I completely underestimate how much time it takes to get something done. Then there are times when I have planned out too much time and I was not being efficient. We need to become more in tune with how long it takes us to do something.

3. Most people do not block out time to do it. It?s not just about making a list of tasks, but when are you going to do it? When will you have 15 minutes in your day to deal with mail?

4. Most people multi-task. Multi-tasking is not good. I know it feels good, but really, it does not work. If you want to know the reasons why, here is a good article to begin with

What tools will help you be more efficient?

I recommend 2 things:

The Action Machine: This timer will help you keep track of how long it takes to get something done and help you limit time wasters. It even comes with bonus books on how to be more efficient. I personally use it and love this thing! Click here to get more info The Action Machine:

An Accountability Partner: This is not the same as a mastermind and it?s much easier to do. It?s free and only takes up 5 minutes a day. I have one I talk to for Daily goals and one and talk to about weekly goals. The person I talk to about my weekly goals deals more with my web goals and is responsible for helping me get things like done. We talk about 30-45 minutes.

If you want to know how work with an accountability partner, read this blog post.

So tell me, what are you going to do this month?