Jan Fowler- Hot Chocolate for Seniors

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Jan shares inspiring and uplifting stories on how to go after your dreams as a baby boomer or senior!

Also get her book at Http://www.janfowler.com

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One Response to “Jan Fowler- Hot Chocolate for Seniors”
  1. Shmuel Shimshoni says:

    Hi Jan,Shalom
    As a contributor, I feel that i’m part of the family and can make a suggestion for your next book based on my experiences during my (92+) lifetime.
    When i happen to be in a group of strangers, it is often difficult to get things started, but I have a perfect solution, and it might make for a successful “Chocolate” book. I throw out a question:
    Do any of you remember your most interesting surprise? Let me tell about mine…”
    One of my grandsons was opening a ‘Kinder’ chocolate egg that always has a little plastic canister inside that contains some small toy. I asked him what he had there and he replied “An egg”. I sked, playfully, and what’s usually inside an egg? He said a chick.” I’d never actually heard of such a toy in one of those chocolate eggs, But I told him, “OK, lets see that chick. To my great surprise there was a small plastic egg, and in it, a tiny yellow chick. He told his mother, “Grand-dad knows everything!” On my part it was just a crazy guess, but he still believes that I KNEW.
    That really happened, but as for the rest of the people there’ it was a good story, and that starts up a few other story tellers in the group.
    Everybody has some favorite surprise to tell about, and some can be awfully interesting to read about. If you consider the idea i’d rewrite it a bit
    Regards and thanks for the opportunity
    Shmuel Shomshoni

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