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How to Be a National Brand, Raise Your Prices and Serve More People

(EVEN if you have never done any TV or Radio before!)

SKY DAY -  Media Icon ™


 Media Icon ™ Consultations 

Take You to New Heights!

Launched in 2017, My Sky Day is a consultation  that provides you with the plan to make yourself and your brand nationally known.  If you have an epic vision  and  ideas to impact the world , you must be a nationally known brand.

This  VIP Day  is different. It is designed to help you plan your Media Icon ™ Program and become a house-hold name, especially in your niche.  It's called Raising Your Profile. 

  Here you will receive powerful trainings, unique mind shifts,  a concrete plan, an incredible adventure and a wonderful opportunity to multiply your impact and grow your business.

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3 Epic Reasons You Should Have a Sky Day

1. You’ll Create  A Personalized Plan to Become a Nationally Known Brand

Almost every successful visionary will tell you the same thing: their secret to success isn’t some genius business strategy or the latest marketing knowledge – it’s always the result of awakening something within  and putting their plan to action a You will create a plan Media Icon plan that you can complete and become a house hold name. 

2. You’ll  Reach Your Goals Faster using our solutions

Attending My Sky Day gives you a personal revelation that inspires you to grow your business in a unique and impactful way. Designed to teach you how to bring out the most of your capabilities as a business owner, My Sky Day shares the wisdom you wish they had taught you in school. Whatever it is you do – whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or looking for your next business idea – the experience will teach you to do more, accomplish more, and get to your goals faster, while having the lifestyle you desire, having tons of fun and simply enjoying life. It's all about Raising Your Profile!

3. You’ll Use the SKY DAY to Start Expanding the Reach of You and Your Brand (THAT DAY)

During the actual event, you will change how people see you and your brand forever! It's starts that same day! 

This is a  DEEP dive, where you will experience something different and change how you think about yourself and your business!

What is Sky Day? 

My Sky Day is an  VIP Consultation that occurs on a private jet flight to Northern California. In the morning we will gather at the private airport in Burbank, board the private jet (no TSA agents), for Northern California. Once there we will lunch and create your Media Icon™ program that is designed to make your name and products nationally known.  You'll have photos, ideas and be motivated to make your dreams come true. It's not a boring in OFFICE VIP Day, it's a VIP DAY ADVENTURE!

This is NOT For YOU if...

If you are afraid of flying on an airplane.  You must be comfortable with flying in order to enjoy this event. If you have a fear of flying, this is NOT the event for you. 

If you have to get someone's permission to do this, this is not for you.  There will be a lot of plans and decisions to make on this VIP day, so if you need someone else to give you permission, you will not get very much from this event. 

If you do not feel good about being "famous" and you just want to help in the background and be unknown, this is not for you. Everyone does not need to be "out front" and if you already know that is not your position, this is not for you. 

If you have major health issues, this is not for you. Health issues could be a problem for flyng and any of the other activities planned. 

If you have Never Invested In Yourself before, this is not for you.  While most people have not invested on this level, the clients who get the most out of this understand about investing in themselves and do it regularly. 


Focus - Reveal - Experience- Expand 

You'll take a private jet to Northern California where you will work closely with Dr. Wright to complete your Media Icon Plan for the next 12 months. No TSA lines, just pure relaxation as your board the plane focused on YOU! 

Focus on YOUR Business, YOUR Goals and YOUR Life! Raise Your Profile in the Media for the Next YEAR!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Bring to SKY DAY?

That's pretty much it! Okay, do not bring a plant. Everything is handled for you. Sit back and experience the flight and work on YOU! 

Can a bring a friend?  Yes, however, there will be additional fees, speak with Dr. Wright about who you are bringing. 

What's with the notebook? Having a notebook is a transformation experience, it will hold your ideas from this trip. 

What's the Media Icon ™ Program? 

Its a  12 point program that Dr. Wright created to lead clients to being a household name. It's not just pitching you for shows or writing press releases. It involves all the steps people like Oprah and the Kardashians use to become uber-famous. It's how she became nationally known for Crowdfunding and part of the top 100 crowdfunding experts in the United States as well as got her own show nationally distributed. Now her show is on the verge of being distributed among HULU and other stations. Her experience is now available to you and it can start with SKY DAY! 

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What Our Clients Say

Tony Nuygen   

I had an incredible time and got a chance to create the plan for my company. I would recommend that you do this if you can!

Shane Melaugh

It was absolutely amazing. I feel like I really grabbed hold of coaching in a way that I haven't done previously. Kudos to you, Coach

Brent Harding

Shane Melaugh

Dr. Nadia Brown

Shane Melaugh

The investment of My Sky Day feels extravagant, however, it is worth the money. The knew knowledge plus putting it into action immediately has made a strong, positive difference in my work and personal life.

Donna Fox 

Adriene Hall , Author of The Making of a Solder

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