Fans Want Mothers’ Day Show

This video came in AFTER a phone I got from someone who wants to be part of the mother’s day show next year. I don’t have a green light yet but I let everyone know as soon as I do!

Wright Place Fans

Here is how it all started. In September, someone sent me a nice email video happy birthday greeting. Then a week or so This video came. Also a third video which I will post soon came. It gave me the idea that maybe Wright Place Viewers need a place to express themselves.

Here is where I will place fan videos that come in. Keep it clean, fun and sexy. Email the video and then I will upload it to my youtube channel and then here. It needs to be a in a form that can be uploaded by youtube, so check out how to do it there and load it to your own account and send me the link or email the correct form and my assistant will upload it.

Thank you Karen Fitzpatrick for sending this in!