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What I am doing right now…

August 29, 2022

I just got back from teaching at BSE in Australia! Next year it’s in Cancun. I am looking forward to that. 

I also just added some new people to the Yoga Baki Roku Channel and will have new content there!

There is a new program for the ROKU Riches channel, it’s has a membership with information on 

how to make money and grow your content. 





Launched Wright Place TV Channel on ROKU AND AMAZON Prime- download the app and watch at no cost!

Diverse Business Television

(PS- I am an Elite tv channel buuilder for busy professionals)

I just reached 105,000 friends/followers on Tiktok @thecrowdfundingexpert




Vision Magazine

What I am doing right now…

This is an idea inspired by Inspired by Derek Sivers.

If you need a quick update on what I am doing now. Updated Feb 1, 2021

Dr. Letitia Wright 2021

Dr. Letitia Wright 2021

February 2021

I am on Tiktok having a ball!  @thecrowdfundingexpert The tribe here is fantastic

I am also on Clubhouse- Dr. Wright

I am busy working with clients who are FOR PROFITS

I am coaching people on how to start and build a funded business so they can grow easily and quickly.

I am still  a National Board member for STand up for Kids

I have started my own ROKU channel- called The Wright Place TV Channel

I was featured in Vision Made Magazine

January 2020…
  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, The Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, My Crowdfunding Company and Youth Entrepreneur Incubator with  Standup for Kids.Org
  • I am currently raising money for the Entrepreneur Incubator at  $25!
  • I work with corporations on their crowdfunding projects
  •  I am booking paid speaking events for 2020
  • logging in some serious “in front of the fireplace” time, this has not changed since 2015!
  • Launching The Vault- a full day for Future Founders with a focus on Financing and Access to Capital, Alternative funding and meeting investors.
  •  My  health is still a priority, so if I turn you down for something, you know why.
  • Prepping the new season of Wright Place TV for Upliftv channel.

June 2020

Wow… so…much….has….happened, I usually remove what was before, but I feel like I need to keep it up so I can laugh about how things went LEFT in 2020.

  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, The Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, My Crowdfunding Company and Youth Entrepreneur Incubator with  Standup for Kids.Org
  • Update- I am working to make the YEI for Stand up a virtual online class for nation wide use.
  • I am currently raising money for the Entrepreneur Incubator at $25!  Update: I am still doing this, I am at $1,500 and you can still help!
  • I work with corporations raise money using crowdfunding
  • Prepping to launch Wright Place TV Channel- Diverse business television
  • My  health is still a priority, so if I turn you down for something, you know why

Feel free to comment on what you are doing too!

Goal Setting vs. Goal Achievement

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Goal Setting vs. Goal Achievement
This is the time of year when most people are looking forward to the new year and setting new goals. Some people vaguely remember the last year and look at the current state of their life. They know they have not achieved what they wanted to achieve. Their lives do not reflect any of the goals they wanted. I had lunch with a friend recently. As we sat down in the outside area of the cafe, she seemed to be a little under the weather. I asked if she wanted to sit inside. It was grey and threatening rain. I know, it sounds like I am about to say ” It was a dark and stormy night..”

I was a little cold and having just gotten over the flue and only able to talk above a whisper, I was not interested in getting sick again. But my friend insisted that the outside table was fine with her. I shrugged my shoulders and made a silent vow to order some hot decaf coffee! When I asked about her how things were going, she said things were not going well. She had not reached her planned goals, and now it’s a new year. She said felt like she was on some treadmill where she works and works and does not get anywhere. I told her I understood. I have been there. Back when I just focused on setting goals and then stared at the everyday.

Now, I work backward. I set the goal and then write the plan on how these goals are going to get done and then write the plan backward on a calendar as to when each thing gets done. That’s how I get a lot done.
It’s that easy. Also, I don’t have a goal list above five items. Most people have too many things on their list, and they can’t focus. They are so busy trying to go big or go home, all they do is go home empty-handed. You don’t need another goal-setting workshop; you need to learn goal achievement. You don’t need an accountability partner; you need a plan to follow and then follow it or not. Here is the thing: When you don’t follow the plan, it’s an easy test to find out that you really do not want that goal.

Maybe it is a goal your coach or family says you should be going after, but you do not feel the same way. Perhaps it’s a goal you do not want to pursue at this time. Everything does not have to happen right this second. Maybe you have changed your mind about something. You are allowed to change your mind. Either way, taking hours out of your schedule to talk about why you are NOT doing things, is losing hours when you could be getting things done. All the excuses you give come down to this. The bottom line is, if you consistently do not work on the goal, it’s not a goal you really want, and you should feel free to dump it and replace it with something you really do want. Of feel free to dump that goal and now you have more time and energy to work on the others. Don’t mistake being busy for being productive. If your business is stuck and you need practical business knowledge on how to expand or bring in critical funding, Then Let’s talk! I help Powerful Passionate Female Founders Get Funded

Tim Ferris’s Pre Goal Setting Excercise

This is a very different method!
If you did this,let me know with a comment.

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