If You Are Aching To Have an Impact at a National Level But You Have No Idea What You’re Doing Wrong or Even Where to Start...


For Years, I Heard From Professionals Just Like Yourself...

Professionals who have incredible products and services that almost no one knows about. Sometimes they are a big name in their own town but in their industry they are not recognized. Sometimes someone will tell me how they got passed over for the speaking or coaching opportunity for some out of town person who was not as knowledgable as they were. Professionals often tell me how they want to help people all over the country and not just in their small town. And yet, somehow, over and over again, they see potential clients not even considering what they have to offer. They watch their market share get smaller and smaller despite the fact that they are on the internet and are "International".  It's hard when you realize that yes, being on the internet makes it possible for anyone in the world to do business with you, but they are NOT even coming to your website, much less trying to hire you. 

And then... there are my social media folks. They work so hard every day, posting and recording and placing questions and doing live broadcasts and yet, they say almost no growth in the first six months of this year. They are tired, frustrated and broke. It's a horrible place to be when you know you have so much to give!

Here's what one of my clients had to say about working with me! 



Here are a few other benefits she received: 

  • Tripled her revenue between April and May of 2017
  • Being ASKED to the stage and speaking 4-8 times each month! 
  • Being able to charge her full value and not do "sales"
  • Featured in the Huffington Post 
  • Created an Award Winning Conference - actually it won 3 awards! 
  • Gets the BEST Clients- clients who want to work with her and who PAY to work with her

She is on her way to creating the company she wants with the revenue she wants and loving every minute of it! 

What do you do when you know it's YOUR TIME but don't know exactly how to make it happen? 

There are really only three choices:

1. You can get a mentor, coach or consultant: Get someone who has done it, not someone just talking about it. They will save you both time and tragedy. Here is what I mean, save time because you can quickly learn what to do. It will save you tragedy by quickly showing you where you might waste time, money and talent.  I took my brand from being completely unknown to being a national expert in CROWDFUNDING. YES, The Wright Place TV Show was great, but not in that space at all. I created a 12 step plan to get in to the top and now I am part of the top 100 Crowdfunding experts in the Nation! I teach this same plan. 

2. Take Years to Figure It Out Yourself:  I get it! Many people would rather go it alone and keep reading stuff on the internet, going to free webinars and read as many books as possible to learn it. It's ok but it takes years to learn what the pros already know. Alone and by yourself is tough. 

3. Do Nothing: You can keep going exactly as you are now, but understand, that without change, you will get exactly the results you have now. Yes, at the end of 2017, you will find that not much has changed.  You won't increase the money you make. You will continue to struggle with bad clients. You will never have the impact on large numbers of people. Your dreams of success will still be out of reach. You will watch others blow past you with the kind of success, clients and impact you dream about having. 

 In Order to Change, WE Must Change! 

What I do: I help professionals become a nationally known name brand and make more money doing what they love!

This means you must already have branding and been in business for at least two years. 

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I’ll Help You…

  • Get clear about your TARGET MARKET so that everything you do speaks to them!
  • Set motivating and achievable goals so you can see progress in your business 
  • Improve your revenue so that you can make the money you want to make
  • Increase your confidence so you can take advantage of media opportunities 
  • Build your 12 step plan to success, so that you can be a house-hold name brand! 
  • Explore the Unique Opportunities in Your Niche - so you don't look and sound like everyone else! 

It feels great when you give from your own style to the clients who love you. It pays well too! 

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About Dr. Letitia Wright 

 Dr. Letitia Wright is a highly-esteemed and notable business women. She is the Executive Producer and host of her nationally syndicated television show Wright Place Television, which is now in its 17th season with the bandwidth expanding over 6.5 millions homes each week in Southern California on Direct TV Channel 64. Wright Place is also seen nationally on DISH on Demand spanning its reach to 60 million plus homes.