The Wright Place TV Channel

It‘s time…

The Wright Place TV Show has been on television for 20 years. I started this journey on cable access TV. Was abler to move it around California and then nation-wide. Over the years, I have had my show on Direct TV to over 5.5 million homes.

Last fall, the show was picked up by Upliftv. They approved the three shows I sent in and told me they would let me know precisely what time slot I would have. I didn’t hear from them for a while and then I found out the big news.

Another station/company bought it. They said they were still looking to work with me, but again, months went by before I heard anything. Of course, the new year came, and with it, Corona Virus. This virus has changed how television and moveis create their revenue.

The new channel is a Christian channel that is only interested in Ministry. As you might think, this is not a match for my content. And we have parted ways with the new station.

My show has always had great content, but getting it distributed has always been a challenge. I decided that its time for the Wright Place TV Show to have it’s own Channel. I am launching THE WRIGHT PLACE TV CHANNEL.


Business television that reflects the world around us.

If you are reading this, you were invited to be a part of the new line up. Your show(s) can b places on the channel- a ROKU channel with 100 Million subscribers and have a regular broadcast time.

Here are the requirements.
Shows much be 1 hour or 28-minute shows.
Shows can not contain cursing, hate speech, or anything else considered abusive.

You can sell and have any call to action on the show you are interested in having.

For six months of Broadcast time, the investment is $1,500 or $250 a month.

Shows will be repeated during the day. We want to have four new shows a month; however, if you do not add any new shows, your shows will be repeated.

Want to know more or move forward?
Let’s talk- 909 235 9744

I hope to see you as part of our new Line up at

Dr. Letitia Wright
CEO Of WPTV Channel