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7 Ways to Make Money with Your Show

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6 week course on making money with your show


I’m Dr. Letitia Wright

I’m the host of the Wright Place TV Show which is currently seen nationwide on DISH on Demand to 60 million homes, on Los Angeles Cable Channel  to 1.1 million homes, and I also host two blog talk radio shows, one on crowd funding and one entrepreneur. I know that was a huge run-on sentence but you get the point. ll three make money right now. I don’t even do them unless I am making money. If you are ready to have your show bring in money, clothes, jewelry, books, shoes and other great FREE perks, then you are ready for this class-Media Cash Flow- Making Money on Every Show!

For years people have asked me to “chat” with them, “Let me pick your brain” and other colorful names for finding out how to make money with their shows or how to move their show to the next level.  People have referred other people to me, that want to learn this information. I have helped many people over the years get sponsorships, set up their shows and make progress however, I have never made it a formal program. I have helped people make great progress and sometimes they would lose out because they didn’t know what the next steps were. One client secured  $35,000 in sponsorships, only to make a wrong decision and lose her sponsors. This November, I will formally make this information available, so these types of things do not have to happen.

The biggest challenge in business is learning to invest in yourself, learn from experts so that you can move quickly to your success. There are a handful of people who WILL get the information and move forward. Imagine having enough money coming in from your show that you can stop doing the other things you don’t really like, just to make ends meets. Imagine you are finally free to give of yourself through your show and not worry about making ends meets.

They learned from someone who had DONE it, not from people who tell you they can take you to a mountain they have never climbed before. There are plenty of people who will claim to show you how to do it and yet, they have NEVER even had ONE successful television, web or radio show. It’s great to have book knowledge but no one wants a doctor who has NEVER treated a patient before. You would never go to a surgeon who has only read books about it and now claims he is an expert. You know me, you can google me, I’ve been doing this for 14 years. I am finally ready to share it with you.

Media Cash Flow- Making Money on Every Show!
Sign up for my free webinar on November 18th, 5 pm (PST) 2013 and find out just how good it can be for your show!

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