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This is what people have to say about Dr. Wright speaking or working with Dr. Wright

If I may, I wanted to share how one click, a telephone conversation, and execution on one request set the course that I am currently on. Here is how it went. I sat at my computer one day trying to find an avenue for media to share my new endeavor. I sent a message and with in a matter of minutes, my life was changed. It started with me following the process and I was READY.

When I was afforded the opportunity to connect with Dr. Letitia Wright in 2012 it was life changing. She is an expert Industry Leader in media. Under her direct supervision and guidance my product line and brand has been enhanced and in 4 months has soared. My book was featured on Wright Place, TV and since that day I have had nothing but a host of other media exposure that followed pursuit.

I highly recommend all endeavors that Dr. Letitia Wright pursues. The service that you are going to receive will leave you saying the same thing. You will experience firsthand her expertise as you learn and grow and define what it is that you are trying to accomplish. The information and the guidance that she leaves you with opens channels for you to really dive in head first and if you do what she recommends the path becomes clearer and you are on your. I can attest to the fact that it started with me sending 10 books. Look at me now! I am so happy to be here client. ~ Chanz’e Witcher

This is what people have to say about Dr. Wright speaking or working with Dr. Wright

“Dr. Letitia Wright is a knowledgeable, inspirational, and dynamic speaker. My experience with her at our Launch Workshop we had at our church for aspiring and existing business owners was exceptional. Her expertise in Crowd Funding, Entrepreneurship, and business is impeccable! Her poise, witty communication, and subject matter were refreshing! She’s definitely a wise choice for ANY Speaking engagement and consultation!”
Torrian Scott
Director of Business Development
Abundant Living Family Church

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Wright Place Radio also produces results.. this was 20 minutes after the radio show!