Onair AD

Bill Gates said ” if I had $2, I would spend $1 on promotion!”
Let’s be honest, if you are only doing word of mouth ads and social media, you are not making many sales. You need some real advertising to some real buyers. Wright Place TV show has been on the broadcast television for 11 years with Entrepreneurs as our target audience.

These are the people who can afford your books and services!

Where is it seen?

Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM on Arroyo Channel- San Gabriel Valley

People’s TV- Atlanta Georgia 10:30 AM Wednesdays

Grace TV- Virginia Beach, VA Tuesdays at 10 AM
Total of 4.3 million homes on Television
And iTunes ONLINE


Your on air ad will be taped in studio March 8, 2011 and start airing on television on the Week of March 20th.

This is perfect for anything you are promoting in March, April or May!

You’ll get a DVD copy of the show the week of March 20th in case you want to post it on your own website!

How do we make it happen?

You can go online and purchase your 1 minute on air ad by going to the website.
You will need to email your logo or a jpg of your book to
info@wrightplacetv.com so that we can show it on air.

You will also need to send a short write up about your business, book or product!
Dr. Wright can hold up the product, do a short demo or any other creative thing you can think of to promote your business. We will also show the website link and do additional links on the Wright Place TV Show website.

Special Pricing for $199 until Sunday Feb 6, 2011!