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As the Founder of Wright Place Studios, Dr. Wright is building ROKU, Amazon fire TV and Apple TV Channels for professionals who want to extend their reach. With a goal of 100 channels, she has currently built 25 so far 

Dr. Letitia Wright is a 2019 Nominee for 47th District Woman of the Year!  

Dr. Letitia Wright is a highly-esteemed and notable business women. She is the Executive Producer and host of her nationally syndicated television show Wright Place Television, which is now in its 18th season with the bandwidth expanding over 6.5 millions homes each week in Southern California on Direct TV Channel 64. Wright Place is also seen nationally on DISH on Demand spanning its reach to 60 million plus homes.

Operating in the mainstream arena as an International Spokesperson, Dr. Letitia Wright is called upon as a pioneer and advocate for others as a change agent and has been requested by Industries Leaders globally; international and nationals markets to impact well-renowned professionals by speak to crowds expanding well-over 3,600 patrons.

At the request of Kim Carter, CNN’s TOP 2016 HERO- Dr. Wright has created the ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR program for previously incarcerated women starting in January 2020.

In July 2020, Dr. Wright will be teaching in Vietnam. In November 2018, she became faculty of The Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, teaching in Phuket, Thailand. 

As America’s Crowdfunding Strategist, Dr. Letitia Wright was part of the 2018 November faculty of the Excellerated Business Schools in  Thailand. In March of 2018 she was honored by the All Ladies League  and the Women’s Economic Forum in Holland. She also joined the WAVE based in Holland to help combat women’s economics around the globe.  Dr. Wright  taught at Dallas Start Up Week 2016. Soon after that event, she was contacted and traveled to Maui on an open invitation to be present and speak into the lives of the participants for Maui and Oahu Start Up Week 2016. She has been on the list of the Top 100 Crowdfunding Experts for the last 4 years and was invited to President Obama’s Global Entrepreneur Summit Summer 2016.

Dr. Wright is also teaching at Maui’s First Global Entrepreneur Week Event in 2016. She teaches for the SBDC of Riverside Country and SBDC of Orange County. Dr. Wright teaches an Entrepreneurship class for students in Orange County in partnership with Stand Up for Kids -Orange County. The last three classes has resulted in students starting businesses and pitching to businesses owners to receive over $8,000 in start up funds. Dr. Letitia Wright was a board member of Female Wave of Change from 2018- 2019.

Dr. Letitia Wright is the 2019 GRM Awards West Coast Media Mogul Winner.

Dr. Wright at the GRM Awards
Dr. Wright at the GRM Awards 2019

Accompanying all that she does in the space of Crowdfunding, she launched and started the Crowdfunding Academy and invests her time, energy, and wisdom into other individuals by making sure they know everything that is required to run, obtain, and reach their Crowdfunding goals. Recently featured in Courageous Woman Magazine, July 2018. Dr. Wright teaches for the Los Angeles Small Business Administration, The Las Vegas Small Business Administration, The Reno Small Business Administration as well as Cal State San Bernardino’s MBA program. She currently hosts the Get CrowdFunded Now Podcast on iTunes, Spotify,  ALEXA, Google Home, Anchor.fm, Google Play, Google Podcasts,  Stitcher and many other outlets, where she brings crowdfunding news and lessons and insights for those who want to participate in that area.

Dr. Wright has built and sustained successful business endeavors for a span of 19 years and is steadily breaking new ground with her expertise as director and producer.

What is next for Dr. Letitia Wright, you ask? You definitely want to be front and center, not moving to touch the dial because as her slogan says, “Ignoring One’s Conscious is Neither Safe Nor Wright.” ` Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright is was a writer for Positive Tribe Magazine http://www.positivetribe.com/positive-tribe-magazine.html


Panel Moderator for Powher by Pink Event August 24, 2019

The 2nd Annual Gran Royale Music Awards at Temple Beth

in Richmond California


My Topic “Entrepreneurship as Youth Homelessness Prevention


Women’s Magazine 2017

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2014 Legacy Award Nominee

IN 2014 Dr. Wright was featured on CNN in 2 articles. 

With Mrs. Michelle Obama and travel   http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/25/politics/michelle-obama-study-abroad-interview/index.html



Dr. Wright’s Video Question: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1106109

And For Crowdfunding  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1094408


Dr. Wright is the Winner of the 2013 We Rock Awards for Financial Education


Courageous Woman Magazine July 2018


WAKANDACON 2018  Chicago , Il  Aug 4-5

June 25, 26 and 27th, Online

Dr. Wright created TedX in Montclair in 2013

Crowdfunding and Cryptocurrency at 10 AM~ 

Listen to the show when you click!

  • California Black Business Expo  10/15/17  In Ontario California

August 15, 2017

Facebook Crowdfunding 12 noon to 1 pm


May 31 , 2017

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The Wright Place TV Show is Media Coverage for:2016_Global_Entrepreneurship_Summit_logo_color_800_1

Dr. Wright has been a speaker for:


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Panelist Sept 29 2016


Las Vegas   July 14, 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.53.33 PM Arizonastuff

SBDC in Chino, California August September 2015 

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mywomanprenePi8p-Dr. Letitia Wright

Lunch and Learn

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Congressman Joe Baca

And many others….

Dr. Wright is a leading expert on Media Training for Business Owners, Sponsorship, TV Hosting and Production. She is the director of the new movie:  “The Journey Movie” starring Brian Tracy (his first acting role), Kandee G and Nik Halik and producer of “Power of Mentorship Movie” with Bob Proctor (2007).

The Wright PlaceTM TV Show is the fastest growing show about business on air today. Each week she interviews guests such as: Mark Victor Hansen, Stedman Graham, Robert G. Allen, T. Harv Eker, Michael Gerber, Dan Kennedy, John Assaraf (The Secret), D.C. Cordova , Marshall Sylver, Dave Lakhani,Teri Hatcher, Marla Gibbs, and Christina Ferrari.The guests discuss various topics such as strategies to succeed, new technology and more that women can utilize to grow their businesses. The Wright Place TV show has taped live at various events such as Bridging Heart and Marketing and Amazing Woman Day.

Dr. Wright is the director of the new movie: The Journey Movie starring Brian Tracy, Kandee G and Nik Halik

Each year the signature annual show/event is the Wright Place High Tea that is always held around Mother’s Day each year.  This show is very special and honors all mothers for their contributions, and benefits special non profits.

All attendees and sponsors receive exceedingly valuable gift bags. The 2007 Mother’s Day Special included a special live session with Marie Diamond from the Secret. Her Diamond Feng Shui Kit was included in their gift bags. The gift bags also featured a necklace make with lavender Swarovski Crystals. The 2006 Mother’s Day Special was sponsored by Jenny Craig. In 2005, we gave out over $43,000 in gifts to our live audience.

The Wright Place TV Show blog has been featured on Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop.com. Dr. Wright is the Los Angeles Business Book Reviewer for Examiner.com

Dr. Wright is the co-author of “The Power of Mentorship for Creating Wealth”, “The Power of Mentorship for the Woman Entrepreneur”, and “Power of Mentorship for Passion.

Dr. Wright supports many community organizations through various active roles, and has won or been nominated for several awards.  Below are just a few:

  • Judge for the Mom’s Choice Awards 2009. and 2010.
  • Serves on the Advisory Board of Disability Rights Legal Center in San Bernardino.
  • Writes for Iona Magazine.
  • December 2008 she was Nominated for the BlackBerry and AT&T Top Small Business Owners contest! Ranked #33 on the 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media ,
  • Mistress of Ceremony for Congressman Joe Baca’s 2006 Women’s Conference at the University of California at San Bernardino.
  • Award in 2004 from the National Association of Female Executives Entrepreneur of the year.
  • Wrote for BellaOnline until December 2006.
  • Honorable Mention for the 2006 Inland Empire Spirit of Entrepreneur Awards.
  • In the fall of 2003, Dr. Wright and her staff, Andre Berry and Walter T. Washington contributed to the new Amber Alert Video made by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by providing the video interview of Tamara Brooks, the first child saved by the California Amber Alert.
  • Expert Faculty Member of Elevation Network and the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center.
  • Host of the relationship Podcast for IDCdating.com.
  • A Learning Annex Faculty member, who teaches How to Get Booked in 7 Days or Less.
  • The Wright Place was nominated for a Literacy in Media Award in 2002.
  • Nominated for Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year award (2002)

  Dr. Wright’s BIO from 2001 ( Check the Wayback Machine)

Dr. Wright has been in private practice in Rancho Cucamonga for the last 8 years. 4 years ago she hosted “A Healthier You” Now she hosts The Wright Place.Dr. Wright is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles and was the first African American Woman to complete hospital Surgical rounds at Doctor’s Hospital in Costa Mesa. She spent 2 years with the Los Angeles Falcons Semi-Pro Football team as trainer and emergency medical techinician. Dr. Wright was part of the medical team for the Goodwill Games in Ontario California in 1993 and 1994.


Dr. Wright was also part of the medical teams for the Friendship Games in 1995. She was featured on the television show ‘On Line’ in 1995 and is certified in Cox Low Back technique.

Dr. Letitia Wright, DC
Dr. Letitia S. Wright
Producer / Host

In 1996, Dr. Wright was nominated for the Reginald Lewis Entrepenuer of the Year Award from the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce.In 1996 she was featured in Black Professional Magazine and HealthQuest magazine.

Dr. Wright was awarded the Business Press Top 100 Women owned Business awards in 1996. The Sun newpaper named Dr. Letitia Wright as one of the Business Leaders of the Future.

Dr. Wright has been featured in articles in the Inland Empire Magazine, appeared on KVCR’S Evening Edition and hosted Charter Communications televised production of the Riverside Black History Parade (2001).

Dr. Wright has been featured in Inland Empire Magazine, KVCR’s Evening
Editions and has hosted Charter Communication’s televised Production of The Riverside Black History Parade for the last 2 years.
Dr. Wright is the director of PWR San Bernadino