Learn How to Use Media to Grow Your Reach and Revenue for Just $97!    

(Raise Your Profile and Raise Your Prices!)


JULY 20, 2017 11AM EST / 8AM PST 


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1. Pay Just $97 to Learn The Media Icon™ program

I'll teach you my Media Icon™ Program that can make you the Top Name in Your Niche!   

2. Join Me LIVE (or on the recording) where we will cover actions steps for all 12 areas  

No theory or FLUFF - just 3 hours of actionable content you can take and implement in your business TODAY!

3.Implement & Grow

After the live training you'll have all the tools that you need to get up and running with  your own Media Icon™ Plan  in your business - and the exact steps to do it!

So What Exactly Am I Going to Learn? 

 Well this training is priced at $97 and not because it's a light training, but because I want see people who are ready to be TOP in their niche get that chance.  You will be able to start immediately! 

  • The 12 areas you must master along with media to be the top name in your niche
  • How to get started in those areas and make an immediate impact!
  • Why interviews are no longer enough, why you must #BETHESTORY!
  • How to use the media to increase your revenue without coming a "bad commercial" or spending money on ads!

This is for you if...

  • You already have a brand but no one knows who are!
  • You've been doing lots of radio, TV, magazines and Newspaper interviews and not seen much sales or revenue from it
  • Tired of watching people who are less qualified than you get all the clients you should be getting 
  • Ready to stop playing small

Why Should I Join This Live Training...?

There are 3 reasons you should join this live training! 

  • You get to ask questions about YOUR business and get access to unique ideas that work for you. 
  • It's not theory, this is what I did to become one of the top 100 Crowdfunding experts in America
  • Most importantly: You can finally get the recognition you deserve, and what comes along with that is increased revenue and better clients! 

Who is Dr. Wright? 

Dr. Letitia Wright 

  • Host and Producer of the Wright Place TV Show  ( 17 years on air)
  • Produced and Directed 4 films including one with Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and Dr. DeMartini
  • One of the Top 100 Crowdfunding Experts in America
  • Produced and Directed 4 films including one with Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and Dr. DeMartini

So If I want this class...Exactly How Does This Work? 


You will make a payment of $97

You'll then get a confirmation email in your inbox!

The Week of our live training, you will get the link to join the live training

After the class, within 7 business days,  you will get the recording! ?