Courage, Communication, Cashflow

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Are you ready to do great things with cool people and be fully funded? I’m going to show you how! You can make a difference in the world when these three areas are covered. My 9 step program will show you how to do it. At the end, you will have your goal set, be able to share it with any size audience and know how to use alternative funding to get the money you need to make it happen!

Now, tell me…What Your Big DREAM?

Sure, you could pay for it yourself, however, that may not be sustainable, long term. I can show you alternative funding that works for your situation. You may not be ready to create a full on non-profit, you may want to start a whole new business! I will help you figure out exactly the best way to make the dream work for you and your particular goals.

You’ll learn/get

  • Support for your goals and dream
  • Clarity on Your Why
  • How to measure the impact of your project
  • How to share the dream with individuals
  • How to communicate with Television, Radio and Podcast Media
  • How to move the masses when you speak on stage
  • What types of funding is available for YOUR dream
  • How crowdfunding can work for you
  • Pulling it all together for a full launch 

Fund the Dream

The program is 9 live private sessions with Dr. Wright. You can go at your own pace. 9 Days or 9 weeks, it's up to you. You will be launching your project for funding at the end of the program. 

9 Live, private sessions with Dr. Wright to get your Dream Project off the ground and funded.

There is no fluff, or talking about your kids, it's getting to work every single session and making progress. When you show up, I show up and we get it done and you will see your Dream project become a Manifest Project. 

Everyone starts with a idea, everything starts with an idea, but then they take specific action!

This is not a loan program or a credit improvement program...

I'm taking 20 people into this program. It closes on November 1, 2019 or when the 20 spots are filled. 

Watch the video, I tell you why the investment is only $997, why I'm taking only 20 people and Why I am doing this program at all. 

Send your questions to info@  

There are a few requirements to be in this program- you need to know what they are 

Don't worry, there are no telephone interviews for this program. 

If you need to talk to me on the phone just email me and let me know, I am happy to talk to you.

The Bonus: I am looking for someone with an amazing product that I can partner with and take heir campaign to the next level. Someone from the program might be selected to work with me on their launch as their business partner which means they get full consulting and access to benefits after the program that others would not. I will be looking to grow their project ever larger than they imagined!

Your next step- 

If you are interested in the program and want to apply

email me that you want to apply and I will send you the requirement info

If you fit the requirements, you will be accepted into the program 

Dr. Letitia Wright at the GRM Awards 2019

Dr. Letitia Wright at the GRM Awards 2019

$5,195 for Celebrate Life Cancer Mnistry

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry made $5,195 in just 60 days. I've help them do this every year for the past 4years. See their results at