Perfect Client

Attention Authors and Business Owners…

Are you wasting money on advertising? Trying to sell to people who never have any money and do not buy?

That’s because you are talking to the wrong tribe…but do you KNOW who your real tribe is?

Imagine selling your books products and services to people who have no problem with your prices, love your materials and can’t wait for more!

This IS possible when you sell to and understand your perfect client!

This is what can propel you to the next level!

Get a No-Cost Perfect Client Power Session with Dr. Wright

You’ll learn:

  • How to always place your ads where they will bring buyers
  • How to focus your time and energy on creating a tribe that supports you ( financially)
  • How to get on the right track and up to the next level!
  • What are your next steps!

This session is 3o minutes and by phone-

Simply email Dr. Wright at  info @ and I will send you some available times to meet.