Dr. Wright’s Tiktok Now on Wright Place TV channel (ROKU and AMAZON TV)

Now you can watch Dr. Wright’s Tiktok’s on her TV Channel with no commercials or interruptions from other creators. Some people just want to focus on one topic. Dr. Wright has added TIKTOK as a new catagory on her television channels, for people to watch without being on TIKTOK or even having to sign up for an account.

On Tiktok, Dr. Wright is thecrowdfundingexpert, however, anyone can get the TV channel and watch without being on the social media app.

Just get Wright Place TV Channel on Roku or Wright Place TV Network on Amazon and watch in the comfort of your own home on your own television!

Dr. Wright Creates First Tiktok Peer to Peer Awards

Tiktok Influencer Dr. Letitia Wright has created the first Peer to Peer TiktTok Awards, Called the Wright Place Awards. She will be awarding via Tiktok Video over the next ten days to other Tiktok creators who she finds interesting. “The Wright Place Tiktok Awards are purely subjective. I am just having fun and giving them out to people to say that I like their work.” Says Dr. Wright. “There was no application or nomination process, and this is just pure fun.”

Wright Place Tiktok Awards 2021
The First Wright Place TikTok Awards 2021
“Tighty Wrighty”

Tiktok has been riddled with white creators who take ideas from smaller African American accounts, copy them, and get millions of views from the same materials. When attention is brought to this, some of the creators who copied others’ work without credit have threatened to sue the smaller creative. Dr. Wright says she fully experts white creators with millions of followers to do this same kind of type of award. “I think it’s a fun way to interact with others, and being first on Tiktok does not mean you will get the most views or money from your idea. It’s very often the other way around. I know I did it first, so this is what matters.”

Tiktok has grown with more people aged 35-50 joining the platform daily. With 689 million active users worldwide, 21.7% of their audience is 30-39. 20% of Tiktok is 40-49 age group. Dr. Wright feels she has a great target market on Tiktok. “My Tribe is a great group of adults. I love encouraging them, and I think these awards are a way to do that.” The first award goes to her “Tribe.”

“I call my Tiktok Friends and followers my Tribe. They are interactive, interesting, smart, and fun.” I enjoy lives with them and the feedback they give. The first award goes to my Tribe for just being them. I will keep one award on my desk that represents each one of them. I won’t be mailing everyone an award.” says Dr. Letitia Wright. “I will mail out the awards to anyone else that I give one to, if they want it, and allow me to send it to them. I won’t force it on anyone!” Dr. Letitia Wright is @Thecrowdfundingexpert on Tiktok.

GrantTok Applications

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The Winner is: Root Theory- Alexis E. Congrats Alexis!


This is a crowdfunded business grant. You can apply at any stage of business. There is a $5 application fee which goes towards the grant amount. Dr. Wright is putting in the first $100 and we will tract how much money will be avaialable for the actual grant at the close of the grant application date. Anyone who wants to help by paying it forward can give any amount they will. It is not a charitable tax deduction. It may be a business deduction, however you need to check with your tax professional to know for sure.

If you wish to just help and pay it forward- you can give any amount via Venmo @DrLetitia-Wright

Thank you to Pedro Mercado @Pete2Nice (TikTOK) and Maj Perry for payng it Forward.


You must be friends with Dr. Wright on Tiktok @thecrowdfundingexpert

You must be business not a charity

You must answer all questions on the application

You are not guaranteed to get the grant, just because you apply. If want to apply for the next one because you did not win, then you can .

If you win you can not apply again for another 12 months (Oct 2021)

You must agree to allow us to share your name and likeness if you win a business grant. You agree to receive the emails, so you can be notified, if you win.

The application fee is $5– If you wish to just help and pay it forward- you can give any amount via Venmo @DrLetitia-Wright

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