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The Winner is: Root Theory- Alexis E. Congrats Alexis!

This is a crowdfunded business grant. You can apply at any stage of business. There is a $5 application fee which goes towards the grant amount. Dr. Wright is putting in the first $100 and we will tract how much money will be avaialable for the actual grant at the close of the grant application date. Anyone who wants to help by paying it forward can give any amount they will. It is not a charitable tax deduction. It may be a business deduction, however you need to check with your tax professional to know for sure.

If you wish to just help and pay it forward- you can give any amount via Venmo @DrLetitia-Wright

Thank you to Pedro Mercado @Pete2Nice (TikTOK) and Maj Perry for payng it Forward.


You must be friends with Dr. Wright on Tiktok @thecrowdfundingexpert

You must be business not a charity

You must answer all questions on the application

You are not guaranteed to get the grant, just because you apply. If want to apply for the next one because you did not win, then you can .

If you win you can not apply again for another 12 months (Oct 2021)

You must agree to allow us to share your name and likeness if you win a business grant. You agree to receive the emails, so you can be notified, if you win.

The application fee is $5– If you wish to just help and pay it forward- you can give any amount via Venmo @DrLetitia-Wright

Thank you Go Global Business School

I’ve been working with the Go Global Business School to educate the participants on funding and other things. It’s been an amazing spring!. They have several businesses that are blooming in the midst of this global pandemic and they continue to reach out. If you are interested in growing your business in India and Asia, this is a great start.

Thank you Dr. Azzeza Julaludeen for your vision and Thank you Ayyappa Dass Kunnath for your leadership.

Underwriter Support for YEI

Our class trip to Sparkhouse

This week I am starting an Underwriter’s Drive for support for my Youth Entrepreneur Incubator. This means I’m looking for people who can give $25 or more to help underwriter the meals and trips for the next few months. I think together, we can make a difference. It’ starts on Thursday.

My class is for Jr High school kids, and it’s twice a week, after school. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays twice a week for 90 minutes. At the end of class in May, they will graduate with certificates and do a presentation/pitch on their business.

If you would like to learn more or help out, visit

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