Amy Morrison Regenstreif Talks Health Insurance

Amy Morrison Regenstreif talks with us about health insurance and how it works.

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Crowdfunding Medical Care Even When They Have Health Insurance

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Many people feel that crowdfunding for medical care is questionable.
I got calls and emails about this all the time. Many believe that crowdfunding is being used instead of insurance. For example, instead of having life insurance to pay for funeral and expenses that are created around someone’s death, the people go and crowdfund.

Instead of having health insurance, people crowdfunding for medical care. I want to bring attention to the individuals who have health insurance and still need help. I am talking about individuals who are no longer working because of their health and need help paying the doctor visit co-pay. I am talking about people who are not working and have trouble paying health insurance premiums. There are people whose medications cost hundreds of dollars. They can get well. However, if they do not have enough in their budget, they may eat a lot less. Poor nutrition is the enemy of healing. To get healthy, you need your medicine and good, healthy meals.
I am working with Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry to provide for a few families in Los Angeles facing these exact problems. Rhonda Santifer who founded Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry has identified people in need.

“I get calls every week,” says Santifer. “They ask for help and resources to just get to the doctor for their follow ups or treatments.”
Going to the emergency room is not an option for regular cancer treatment. The emergency room is for sudden illness. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry is raising money to help people get healthy again by making sure they can get to their doctor’s visits. You can help by giving $2.50 a day for 30 days.

We’ve also got some great goodies for those who give!
Grab a book and know you are helping someone live.

Cost of Super visa health insurance

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Festivals are round the corner at this time of the year. Raksha Bandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Halloween, Thanks giving and Christmas etc.  Festivals represent cultural background of people, celebrating them. Though festivals enable people to celebrate their happiness, joy fullness, worship of Gods, nature, etc., among families, friends, relatives, religious group etc., they are symbol of cultural heritage and unity among the people of different castes, creed, religion etc. The celebration of festivals by people helps to promote and stimulate unity, co-operation and preservation of an old traditions, culture, etc. They are indeed very much helpful for strengthening relations among mankind. These promote close relationship and Harmony among people. Otherwise people will forget meeting their friends and relatives frequently and help to remember our culture, because of their pre-occupation and mechanical way of life.

Majority of Canadians are immigrants who have settled in Canada for a better life and bright future. Many of us have acquired Canadian citizenship and permanent residents are on the track and will soon be Canadian Citizens. We might be excelling in our Career and be successful in our jobs, businesses etc. Those individuals who have left their Parents and Grandparents in their home Country remain connected through internet and with apps such as what’s App and Skype. But there is an empty nest in their lives, after we children with our families settle abroad. Why shouldn’t we lead a guilt-free life by inviting our Parents and Grandparents to Canada under the special category of Super Visa.

Super Visa has helped many families reunite with their elders in a short time frame. The multiple entry visa has a mandatory requirement of health insurance by a Canadian Company. It not only covers the cost of health expenses in case of some eventuality but also safeguards the person who sponsors from any financial burden.

Punjab Insurance is committed to provide you lowest possible super visa insurance cost with best protection to your parents and grandparents. Our dedication to superior client service has brought us to the Internet as we endeavor to continue to provide the highest quality professional service and guidance. We have been providing Super Visa Insurance quotes right from the effective date 1st December 2011; super visa program was launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). We provide free consultation to provide plans as per a client’s need. In order to provide you with the lowest possible super visa insurance rates we need to ask the client a few specific health related questions and to help you find the most suitable super visa insurance plan.

To avail lowest supervise insurance quotes online visit our website @,  just fill the form and we promise to get back to you in 24 hrs. Or to speak with our expert financial advisor call us now for a free consultation at 1-888-978-6522. We research the lowest prices in the market and provide you excellent service and affordable rates. We guarantee you to offer the plans conferring to your health needs and your affordability. Give us a chance to serve you and any experienced insurance advisor from our team will deliver you the right product along with quality services to satisfy your unique insurance requirements. Punjab Insurance Inc. Is proud to represent all major Canadian Insurance companies and can be your trusted financial advisor with more than 13 years of experience in the insurance field.

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