August New Ways to Get Quick Cash

Pile of Cash

Pile of Cash (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

There are times when people need quick cash. Here are a few ways you can make ends meet.

  1. Reduce your expenses. It’s easy to let these things get out of hand. However , everyone wastes money on some level. By tracking your spending and taking a moment to simply cut things out, you can keep that money in your wallet.
  2. Sell your junk. Those items in your garage or storage, which you have not used or needed in over a year can bring, you cash. I have neighbors who have a garage sale almost every week. They are retired and just do not need a house full of stuff.
  3. Be part of a focus group. On craigslist you can find companies doing mock trial and you will get paid for giving your opinions on it
  4. Get an auto title loan. You can keep your car and still get the money. People who got an auto title loan from RALoan applied online. They did not even have to drive down to the office until everything was approved. Even business owners use them to access quick cash when needed.
  5. Take paid surveys. If you have time on your hands then this can be a fun way to get paid while you are sitting around at home.
  6. Rent out your garage. A lot of people have to downsize and need to store their items. Storage places can be too far away. This can be a win-win for everyone.
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HLIC The Movie


This spring I will be working on a new film called the HLIC- Head Lady in Charge. I am the director and one of the producers. The film idea is from Executive Producer Trevor Otts and Che Brown. Please take a moment to watch the trailer and give some feed back. Share it with others. My desire to create an inspirational film. Enjoy!


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