Caring By Seth Godin

Caring By Seth Godin

No organization cares about you. Organizations aren’t capable of this.

Your bank, certainly, doesn’t care. Neither does your HMO or even your car dealer. It’s amazing to me that people are surprised to discover this fact.

People, on the other hand, are perfectly capable of caring. It’s part of being a human. It’s only when organizational demands and regulations get in the way that the caring fades.

If you want to build a caring organization, you need to fill it with caring people and then get out of their way. When your organization punishes people for caring, don’t be surprised when people stop caring.

When you free your employees to act like people (as opposed to cogs in a profit-maximizing efficient machine) then the caring can’t help but happen.

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Is that the Right tool?

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Tool Re-evaluation time!

Are the tools you are using really working?

Are there new tools?

For example, I was on twitter before there was a hootsuite, now I can use Hootsuite for the top 4 Social networking sites

and cut down on my ACTUAL time. Yes,  I still interact personally because I am connecting and re-connecting.

Are you using Linked in like Facebook? Connecting to people you do not know saying that you know them.

When you connect, tell people how you know them, otherwise they may not remember!

Too many rejections on Linked in can get you kicked off.

Update your soft ware, update your systems!

What are you doing today?

Why I Smile so much

Actually I smile because I am basically a happy person, but this is a great Ted Talk.
More people should smile in business.

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