Evaluating Youtube Video Performance

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Evaluating Youtube Video Performance

Do you use Youtube for marketing? If you don’t, you should definitively consider doing it. Through Youtube you can drive traffic to your site, build your brand, interact with your customers and much more. Furthermore, Google loves Youtube and often ranks Youtube videos very highly in its competitive search results. Many marketers that have started to utilize Youtube and its benefits have had difficulties in analyzing the success of their video and content. For information about evaluating Youtube video performance, be sure to check out this article.

The most basic statistic you should be looking to when determining the success of your video is the number of views. Though often overvalued, the view count of your videos is nevertheless important. You should be able to look at not only the views, but also the “estimate minutes watched” through the Youtube Analytics panel. These statistics can tell you two very important things.

First, your view count can tell you how effective your title, picture, and description were in attracting viewers. Views are not dependent of how long the user watched nor are they dependent on whether the user liked your video. A high view count suggests that your video has a successful title and might be highly ranked in Google or frequently shared through social media.

The number of minutes watched is important because it describes how engaged your users were when watching the video. By dividing your minutes watched by the number of views you can tell what was the average number of minutes watched. A low number of viewers mean that your viewers quickly became disinterested and bored.

When evaluating your video’s success you also want to look at the traffic source page. Here you can see where your viewers came from. Common traffic sources include Google Search, Youtube channel pages, external webpages, and Youtube search. Unfortunately two other popular sources (embedded player & mobile apps and direct traffic) are unknown sources. However through these statistics you can still roughly determine what avenue of traffic is having the most success and which methods you still need to improve on.

Along with determining where your audience came from, you can also determine several important demographic factors such as age and gender. By finding which audience is most highly attracted to your videos you can tailor future content to apply directly to this specific  audience which cans increase subscription rate and user engagement.

Next, you want to pay attention to social shares. There is a certain “Sharing” page on Youtube where you can view the number of shares you receive. Popular sharing services include Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Finally, you want to take careful notes on comments. Customers often provide valuable feedback. By responding to their questions and comments you can often answer questions you did not address in the video.

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Google Buzz is Gone

une simple mélodie...

See, even Google knows when to let something go!

What’s not working for you? Dump it!

I dumped my old email system because it was too hard for me.

I am going for Simple- Elegant- Excellence!

What are you dumping?

Shout here! Post what you are going to dump!

or Get inspired by the Michael Gerber video to your right!

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Marketing Online with SEO

This is a guest post provided by Eric Woolf of Pixels and Dot’s Cincinnati web design and online marketing team.

Everyone has heard that the internet is becoming larger and larger for doing business.  And it really can be a profitable to sell your products or services online but it’s becoming more competitive than ever.  Advertising rates are going up making it more expensive to get exposure to your site so there are other ways to do it inexpensively.

The first that I suggest is to optimize your site for the search engines.  This is known as search engine optimization or SEO throughout the internet marketing community.  By optimizing your site for the search engines you can get free traffic when people search for your type of product or service.  Being listed on the top few spots allows you to get a lot of exposure to your site and more sales.

To get you started, some of the basics of SEO are listed below:

Optimize your pages for the keywords that you want to rank for by including the search term in the Title and Meta description tags.  Then you will want to include that same term into the body of the article so the search engines know that it’s relevant for their results.

Include anchor text links to the page that you want to get ranked for from other pages.  So to rank your site for Cincinnati search engine optimization, you would link to that keyword with the URL.  The following sentence is an example:  “Also check out our local Cincinnati search engine optimization and internet marketing services.”

Getting a lot of other sites to link to your website is one of the most important factors when ranking your website as an authority for the search engines.  As I have done here, writing and providing free information can help provide other websites fresh content, while providing a link back to your site.

The second way to market through the internet inexpensively is with social media.  Connecting with people through social media pages gives provides an increase in brand recognition and exposure since millions of people use it to connect.

I hope these tips help!  Be sure to leave any comments below.