5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Business

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Yaletown, Vancouver BC CanadaVideo has proven to be an incredible boost to any business. But only if it’s done well. Here are a few reasons you should use video in your business.

1. Videos are easily found in online through a search engine. The truth is YOUTUBE is a search engine, and you can find almost anything there.
2. You can measure the results of video. There are metrics you will want to know to improve the results you want to receive.
3. They are easy to share. This makes it easy for people to “spread the word” for you.
4. Video is great with mobile. Most people are watching things online on their phone. It quickly translates on any phone.
5. Your competition is using it. You might as well make it an even playing field and have video also.

The problem most businesses have been finding the best company to produce their video. It’s not enough to have a video camera and editing software. You must have a team that cares about the projects and understands the bigger implications.

Canada is the home to one such company called Tetra Films. As Vancouver video production company they go through the entire Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production process. By not skipping over these important steps, they can create exclusive videos. They understand how to work with you team to create the kind of script that gets results.

Tetra Films employs the latest video technology, video marketing techniques, and video distribution processes because they know it’s not enough to just make a video. The video must be distributed. They want to make a difference, not just create video. They even offer their media buying services after the video is completed. You’ll have all the benefits of being ahead of all your competition.

I’ve been watching my clients use video in some interesting ways. One client started out at the same time as her competition. She watched her competition grow her tribe, sell books, sell out speaking event and then the woman eventually had her own successful event where she made over $65,000. It happened in 2 short years. My client decided after two years to start investing in her well-made videos. No bad camera work from a simple cell phone. Real videos that created an impact. She immediately saw an increase in her income.

Some people are still posting all text in their social media. They do not understand that video is social media. They are still posting words in their social media and can’t understand why no one is liking or sharing their post. People simple do not see word posts anymore. One client is seeing an incredible boost in the number of people attending her webinars and becoming followers. It is because she is putting out an LOT of video. More video than her competition is comfortable with. However, she is the one that is ahead of the game! Using video well reflects in real revenue flowing into your business. It is not about what you want to do. It’s about helping your clients and potential clients see you instead of your competition. There are a lot of things that vie for the attention of clients. We must make sure we stand out.

Video is an easy way to stand out, tell and story and be relevant. It makes your business look bigger than it is and can convey the quality that you provide your clients and customers

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Evaluating Youtube Video Performance

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Evaluating Youtube Video Performance

Do you use Youtube for marketing? If you don’t, you should definitively consider doing it. Through Youtube you can drive traffic to your site, build your brand, interact with your customers and much more. Furthermore, Google loves Youtube and often ranks Youtube videos very highly in its competitive search results. Many marketers that have started to utilize Youtube and its benefits have had difficulties in analyzing the success of their video and content. For information about evaluating Youtube video performance, be sure to check out this article.

The most basic statistic you should be looking to when determining the success of your video is the number of views. Though often overvalued, the view count of your videos is nevertheless important. You should be able to look at not only the views, but also the “estimate minutes watched” through the Youtube Analytics panel. These statistics can tell you two very important things.

First, your view count can tell you how effective your title, picture, and description were in attracting viewers. Views are not dependent of how long the user watched nor are they dependent on whether the user liked your video. A high view count suggests that your video has a successful title and might be highly ranked in Google or frequently shared through social media.

The number of minutes watched is important because it describes how engaged your users were when watching the video. By dividing your minutes watched by the number of views you can tell what was the average number of minutes watched. A low number of viewers mean that your viewers quickly became disinterested and bored.

When evaluating your video’s success you also want to look at the traffic source page. Here you can see where your viewers came from. Common traffic sources include Google Search, Youtube channel pages, external webpages, and Youtube search. Unfortunately two other popular sources (embedded player & mobile apps and direct traffic) are unknown sources. However through these statistics you can still roughly determine what avenue of traffic is having the most success and which methods you still need to improve on.

Along with determining where your audience came from, you can also determine several important demographic factors such as age and gender. By finding which audience is most highly attracted to your videos you can tailor future content to apply directly to this specific  audience which cans increase subscription rate and user engagement.

Next, you want to pay attention to social shares. There is a certain “Sharing” page on Youtube where you can view the number of shares you receive. Popular sharing services include Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Finally, you want to take careful notes on comments. Customers often provide valuable feedback. By responding to their questions and comments you can often answer questions you did not address in the video.

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5 Ways to Get Your Video to Go Viral

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Creating a video can be a time consuming project and once you have completed it, you will want people to view it. The more views your video receives, the more income potential you have from advertising. Many people wonder how some videos get millions of views in just a few short days and there are many secrets that no one will share. If you are creating a video you will want to know how to make it go viral.

Production is Key
The amount of effort you put into creating your video will help to draw people into watching it. If you are unsure how to produce a great video you can hire an outside company to help with the production. There are great video production companies that specialize in creating the perfect video for you such as 522 Productions-Alexandria, VA. This company was created solely to help clients create the ultimate video experience.

Never be afraid to market your video. Many people are afraid to market their video for fear that it will not take off and they will have wasted time. Marketing your video through family and friends as well as social media outlets can make a difference in your video views. By sharing your video with multiple outlets, you will increase the number of people who will both view and share your video. Of course, your friends will view and share it but sending your link to other people through blogs and social networking will get outsiders to view your creation at a rapid speed.

Tell a Story
Videos that tell a story tend to go viral faster than those that do not. You can choose to teach something, show how you learned something or show people how things happened. Be sure to engage your audience in way that will leave a lasting impression. By doing this they will be more likely to share your video with their friends and social network contacts. Your story should be relevant to who you are or what your company represents. Create an outline of your story before you begin to record so that you stay on topic throughout the entire thing.

Keep It Short
No matter how great your production, marketing and story are, if your video is lengthy you will not get many views. It is important to keep your video as short as possible without losing the heart of the story. When you first sit down to produce your video project, record the story in its entirety. Once you have finished recording it is time to edit out the unimportant details. This will allow you to shorten the video by several minutes while keeping the message intact. People are more likely to view and share a three to five minute video than one that is over six minutes in length.

Catchy Title
We have all scrolled through a list of videos and seen that one that stands out. There is a reason that a video of cats being crazy will go viral before a video about marketing software. The title will draw viewers in while the content will keep them interested. If you have a boring title, people will scroll right by your amazing video no matter how great your marketing and production are.

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