When to throw out a business card

When To Throw Out A Business Card

It’s not just a matter of clutter. It’s not just a matter of contact management. Some of your contacts in your management files need to be thrown out also. It’s about productivity. It’s about making sure you are really moving your business forward and not just doing busy work.

Those contacts that you do not actively work are useless. It’s great when you have an autoresponder going out, and they get messages out to your contacts. However, some of your contacts, you have not written a note, an email, or made a call to in over a year. What do you do with that? If you want to re-establish contact, then do so with some information that benefits that person. If you can not find anything that really helps them, then forget it. I just recently got an email from someone I literally have not heard from in 2 years or more.

This person stopped returning phone calls or emails a LONG time ago. The email told me all about the charity she’ll be participating in and how much money I need to donate to help. In and of itself, this is great. I am happy she has found something to make her life meaningful. I am happy to donate to causes. At the same time, I am thinking, hmmm. This is the only thing you have to say to me? Give some money?

So, do yourself a favor. Make a real effort to connect or just drop it. You will run into that person some where and have the opportunity to start over. In the meantime, if you make they feel like you just want to use them, it’s not going to work. So look at your contacts. Send them something good for them ( not you) and drop the rest.

If you have gotten busy and do not regularly speak to your important contacts, change your schedule and start making time for that.

So, when was the last time you threw out a business card and why?

Working a Mixer for More Business

Business Micer
This article is for people who want to be more comfortable at mixers and meeting people to create more business for them.
I recently went to a cocktail party celebrating the release of the new issue of Iona Magazine.

I write the health column for that magazine and went to represent the magazine and frankly to get out of the house. I realized I had not done any networking events in about 3 months. There were many reasons why I had not been in networking events and now I was ready to get back out there. Every business should do at least one networking event a month. You have to meet new people and be seen by the people who already know you. Many people are jaded and feel like networking events are not profitable. They are not profitable if you just go in and pass out your cards and gather cards. I only took 3 cards home. I made 5 appointments to call and talk with people I already knew about upcoming events and projects.

Here are a few rules to making a networking event become financially profitable for you.

1. Pick and event which will have potential clients and vendors in attendance. Most people at this event were fans of Iona Magazine, so this was a chance to meet the writers and staff at the magazine. I introduced myself FIRST as the Health Writer and secondly as the Wright Place TV Show.

2. Have a quick summary of what you have been up to ready. When you see people you already know, quickly update them on your current status. Make it sound exciting!

3. Quickly turn the conversation to them. People love to talk about themselves. Do not ignore husbands and wives who may be tagging along. Give them a chance to tell their story. Give them a real focus of your attention. Do not look over their shoulder for someone better to talk to. Really focus on them even if they do not seem like a good prospect, remember you never know who THEY know.

4. Ask for the card first. Do not just hand them your card unless you have a good reason. Why waste cards on someone who really doesn?t want it or will not sue it.

5. Keep the alcohol to a minimum. I met one lady, who was very nice however clearly had too much wine that night. Know you limit and frankly no alcohol is best.

6. It never hurts to be nice. Some people seem to save their nice for someone special. Everyone else can eat dirt. Try to make everyone feel important. You can only create more good for you.

7. Look at the cards you got and imagine some type of profitable deal. I googled the people on business cards and got great ideas on how we could work together. If you do not get ideas, just call back and leave a message saying great to meet you. Do not automatically put people on your email list because you have a card. Ask verbal or written permission first. If you follow up with a note, you will really stand out because not many people write anymore.

8. Attend with a great attitude. This is your best accessory. Do not make anyone else a victim of your back day.

9. Arrive early. You can get a seat and some food and you will not have missed out on the vibe in the room. You will also get to see who is coming in and who you want to meet.

10. Always bring a camera. An actor was there because he was on the cover of the magazine. I got some great pictures with him. Also a famous author was there. And then I just took pictures with old friends.

11. Bonus tip: Bring your business cards always. One person was promoting something but had forgotten her own business cards. There might be some business she missed!

Iona Magazine Cocktail Party

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Great Networking and it was great to meet the readers of Iona Magazine. I write the health column, for some reason everyone thinks it’s a sex column. Not sure why. Hope to see a few more peeps at the next event!
It was wonderful.