3 Little Known Benefits to Crowdfunding

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Get the download on the top 25 sites to use for crowdfunding


Crowdfunding Not Just for Kicks – Dublin, 2016

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A new documentary where you will follow a mother and daughter on the road to becoming a black belt. What makes a person push past their limits? How do you keep going no matter what? This film can teach us all the things we need to be strong throughout our lives. We all know that the “I can do it attitude” is the by-product of facing your fears. You’ve got to do your best even though it’s challenging. Training is not easy.This project is already half way to success which is a great sign that they will make it. You can get thanks in the credits, blog shout outs and copies of the film on DVD. They say a black belt is just a white belt that never quits! Let’s find out!

Support them here! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robson-pellerin/not-just-for-kicks-dublin-2016

Writer’s Block! Is it a Real Thing?

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Book to Media is my new live streaming show for authors who want to sell more book and get more media around your books
The guests on this show were
Laticia Nicole
Vanessa Collins
Gail Turner Brown
Annette Smith


We talked about writer’s block, the $2,000 book, why write instead of type and more!

You gotta watch the show!

Register for next weeks show here!


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