The Wright Place TV Show & Project Best Seller 15

Imagine, your name followed by “the overnight success and best-selling author of…” appearing in press releases and blogs week-after-week! “Project Best$eller!” can deliver that before you have written a single word. “Project Best$eller!” is a 4-part webinar series, that will walk you through Peak Performer’s Publishing’s system for writing your book faster than you ever imagined possible.
I’ll be teaching “Microsponsorship- How to Crowdfund Your Book”

Even if you flunked high school English and can’t write your way out of a paper bag, at the “Project Best$eller!” webinar, you will learn how to write a book in less than 48 hours. Plus, discover how to use your book to get access to bigger players in your industry. After you see how effectively this works, you will burn your business cards for good!

At the “Project Best$eller!” webinar, you will learn the truth about publishers, why their fees are criminally high, and where to get your books printed for pennies. Let’s face it, your fans are already foaming at the mouth to buy your book, your unwritten book! Why not sell your first thousand books before you have written a single word? “Project Best$eller!” will show you the simple secret for getting your fans to invest in you. Create your own paid monthly book club and learn how many become an eBook millionaire! I’ll be teaching “Microsponsorship- How to Crowdfund Your Book”
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Of course, the strategy is to sell more books by lowering the price. No! Sell your book for $99 dollars when everyone else is selling theirs for $10 and $20 dollars. At the “Project Best$eller!” webinar, learn about the amazing “Overnight Success” formula that consistently produces new big hits on the Amazon best seller list. With this secret in action, your esteemed colleagues will be casting champagne toasts to your success in no time. Read more

How to Find a Great Place to Write –

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Life as a writer is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you’re working for a media firm where you have to deal with gruelling deadlines and not to mention some occasional writer’s block during a day when you have to finish at least 10 articles about 20 different niches. To add more beauty to your day, you force- feed yourself of three cups of coffee and convert it into a full- length article for your freelance writing job. Sounds fun, right? Been there, done that.
Despite of these very enticing features of being a writer and the fact that you’re awesome enough to complete all these within deadlines, you must admit that you need a vacation. Yes, writing is what you do for living but it is also what you do for fun. It relaxes you and exposes you to different experiences that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Well, finding the right place to write and have a rest or vacation at the same time is hard especially if you’re looking for an inspiration for your new novel. You often settle to second best location since you don’t have that much time to find where to spend you’re well- earned vacation leave.
The best thing about our age nowadays is that information is available for almost anyone as you can find answers in just a few clicks. After scouring the internet for the best place on where to relax and write, we found which offers a wide array of hotels, vacation places and services all in one site. How’s that for saving time? Instead of wasting your time in finding the right location where to unwind, let this website do that hard work. Have information and access to the best deals in best vacation resorts and hotels with this one- stop hub. Give it a try and see where it’ll take you. Have fun and let your adventurous side rock on.

The Life Leverage Television Show

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There is a new movement towards Transformational Television. We are looking for stories that move people, chnage people and transform people. If you have a story that transformed you, then you know the event was to help you help others. We are creating a web series and TV Series. The Television series will be taped here in Los Angeles, the web series can haver people from all over. This comes from the Executive Producers Che Brown and Trevor Otts

Coaches, Trainers and Leaders are invited to apply by TEXTING 240 428 6333 Read more

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