Crowdfunding: 100 Days 100 Books Giveaway


The 100 Days 100 Books giveaway is a  summer campaign. In the United State Nearly half of the US adults who are in the lowest level on the literacy scale are living in poverty (between 41% and 44%). In addition to poverty so many other challenges in life can be directly correlated to literacy.

In an effort to contribute to the solution we are launching the 100 Days 100 Books Summer Reading Campaign and giving away a free book to a child in need for every book that is purchased at   The  workshops, Book Readings and Events are geared towards exciting the imagination and inspiring children to dream and create through reading and writing. Constance Dixon is the author and creator of this project

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Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Everyone deserves a piece of art


Help me, Jonathan Quiroz, continue to make art by giving me the chance to make art for you. It can be anything from people, landscapes, animals, plants, houses, abstract, etc. The money will go towards new material I am experimenting with like doing mosaics, wood carving, wood burning, sculptures, and so on. If you want specific things like a portrait, then please send me the picture you want to



As far as risks go there aren’t really any at all. I have been doing art my whole life and I am dedicated to spreading my passion and work to others as well. I am currently mastering wood burning portraits, sculptures, mosaics and other forms of art. Exploring these new forms may be a challenge, but I know I can master them.

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Help Us Build a Creative Arts Live-In Community



The Create Your World Healing Arts Center

The first of it’s kind, creative arts based live-in community for young adults 

Kelli Vissers wants to build a very unique community.  The “Create Your World Creative Arts Community”, is to be the first live-in community of it’s kind for low to middle income young adults ages 18-22 who would like to embrace and nurture their passion for the arts.  With school art and music programs being limited or cut more than ever before, she has found that there is a need to  find alternatives for disadvantaged young adults interested in pursuing careers in art, music, theatre and dance after high school.

The goal of this campaign is to reach like-minded people for collaboration, raise money and to spread the word about the importance of supporting our young people.

Perks include a chance to display your art, have you rmusic played in the cafe, plaques, T-shirts, Stays at the center and sponsoring a youth.

The funding will be used for:

Construction and build-out of the community arts center and all its components (theatre, music studio, dance studio, art studio, cafe etc)
Construction of the bunkhouse building
The building and furnishing of the initial 20 tiny homes
Any excess funds will be used to further improve the center, initial running capital and to house additional youth.


You can support the project here

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