Success Fest 2021 is Live!

Success Fest is live on Wright Place TV Channels – Roku and Amazon Fire TV Channels. Not only are there 3 minute motivational speakers but workshops too!

Watch anytime!

Dr. Wright’s Tiktok Now on Wright Place TV channel (ROKU and AMAZON TV)

Now you can watch Dr. Wright’s Tiktok’s on her TV Channel with no commercials or interruptions from other creators. Some people just want to focus on one topic. Dr. Wright has added TIKTOK as a new catagory on her television channels, for people to watch without being on TIKTOK or even having to sign up for an account.

On Tiktok, Dr. Wright is thecrowdfundingexpert, however, anyone can get the TV channel and watch without being on the social media app.

Just get Wright Place TV Channel on Roku or Wright Place TV Network on Amazon and watch in the comfort of your own home on your own television!