A property owner can reference the current assessed value of a property at the Assessor’s website at For more information about filing a Decline-in-Value review, click here.
LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang has taken proactive steps to assist small businesses impacted by COVID-19. The Assessor is proactively reviewing real property and business property to determine if they are entitled to property tax relief.

Although home prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic, many small businesses and retail property owners have struggled to hang-on despite significant losses. In Los Angeles, as of January 30, 2021, total small business revenue decreased by 34.9% compared to January 2020. 

“So many have suffered through the pandemic and may not be aware that my Office has a process that may provide temporary tax relief,” said Assessor Jeff Prang. “I am sending letters to small businesses that may qualify with information about the Decline-in-Value review program.” 

A decline-in-value occurs when the current market value of a property is less than the current assessed value as of January 1. The 2021 Decline-in-Value filing period is July 2, 2021 through November 30, 2021. Online applications will be available beginning on July 2, 2021.

“Once we have completed our review, those properties receiving reduced assessments will be issued a corrected bill,” Assessor Prang said. “This has been an incredibly difficult time for business owners and I urge businesses to avail themselves of this program, if their real property or business personal property was negatively impacted.”

A property owner can reference the current assessed value of a property at the Assessor’s website at For more information about filing a Decline-in-Value review, click here.
Assessor Prang was first elected in 2014 and is the 27th Assessor for Los Angeles County.  He runs the largest office of its kind in the nation, employing 1,200 people with an annual budget cresting near $200 million. The 2020 assessment roll topped out near $1.77 trillion and provides about $17 billion in vital public services. For more information, please visit us online at, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @LACAssessor.###

Dr. Wright Creates First Tiktok Peer to Peer Awards

Tiktok Influencer Dr. Letitia Wright has created the first Peer to Peer TiktTok Awards, Called the Wright Place Awards. She will be awarding via Tiktok Video over the next ten days to other Tiktok creators who she finds interesting. “The Wright Place Tiktok Awards are purely subjective. I am just having fun and giving them out to people to say that I like their work.” Says Dr. Wright. “There was no application or nomination process, and this is just pure fun.”

Wright Place Tiktok Awards 2021
The First Wright Place TikTok Awards 2021
“Tighty Wrighty”

Tiktok has been riddled with white creators who take ideas from smaller African American accounts, copy them, and get millions of views from the same materials. When attention is brought to this, some of the creators who copied others’ work without credit have threatened to sue the smaller creative. Dr. Wright says she fully experts white creators with millions of followers to do this same kind of type of award. “I think it’s a fun way to interact with others, and being first on Tiktok does not mean you will get the most views or money from your idea. It’s very often the other way around. I know I did it first, so this is what matters.”

Tiktok has grown with more people aged 35-50 joining the platform daily. With 689 million active users worldwide, 21.7% of their audience is 30-39. 20% of Tiktok is 40-49 age group. Dr. Wright feels she has a great target market on Tiktok. “My Tribe is a great group of adults. I love encouraging them, and I think these awards are a way to do that.” The first award goes to her “Tribe.”

“I call my Tiktok Friends and followers my Tribe. They are interactive, interesting, smart, and fun.” I enjoy lives with them and the feedback they give. The first award goes to my Tribe for just being them. I will keep one award on my desk that represents each one of them. I won’t be mailing everyone an award.” says Dr. Letitia Wright. “I will mail out the awards to anyone else that I give one to, if they want it, and allow me to send it to them. I won’t force it on anyone!” Dr. Letitia Wright is @Thecrowdfundingexpert on Tiktok.

FAMU Invests in Fearless Fund

The FAMU Foundation has an investment value of $142 million and an endowment value of $106 million. “This marks an historic moment in the history of the FAMU Foundation,” says executive director Shawnta Friday-Stroud, Ph.D. “We are charged with investing in and for the future of our great institution. We expect this investment to pay dividends for generations to come.”


“This investment from Florida A&M University is an exciting addition to our fund and furthers our mission to bridge the gap in VC funding for female founders of color,” said Arian Simone, General Partner and Co-Founder of Fearless Fund. “As an alumnus of Florida A&M University, having them invest in what we are building with Fearless Fund means all the more to me.” We definitely need the support of the corporations to bridge this gap because the 0.0006%, it’s going to take billions of dollars in order to even out the whole equity playing field. So we need as many corporations, as many venture capital funds, as many people who are in this space that are looking to invest in minority equity in order to help move the needle on thi

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