How to Gain Business Using Social Media


Gain Business Web Social Status


Gaining social status for your business website is something that should be at the top of your priority list. Social Status has become the new found form of virtual respectas wed like to call it. Read below acouple of great tips to increase your social status for your business on the web.

Social Tip #1 Posting new and relevant content.

Social Tip#2 Be consistent with your posts. If you post on Fridays, make sure that you dont skip that beat!

Social Tip#3 Follow, Comment, and Like! A great way to make business connections and have high industry individuals follow back your business on social media.

Social Tip#4 Focus on your Social Images! Do your social sites have a high pixel image representing your brand? Having a great image display will make your social sites visually appealing.

Social Tip#5 Using the #hashtag to your favor will allow your followers to remember and trend you in that form.

Remember use these tips above to your advantage!

Business Quote of the Day

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.”Steve Jobs

Secret Start to a Business

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I don’t know how much of a secret it will be after this, but I was contacted by a woman who wanted to surprise her husband with $5,000 to start his own business.

Here is what Jessy James Anderson to say:

I’m secretly starting this go fund me for my fiancé who’s been trying to start his own business for awhile.  He’s been doing OK here and there on eBay but he wants to buy a van to do more and expand the business being we have 4 kids all together every time he has the money to expand he uses it on the family. I wanted to start this to help him out since he’s always doing for me and the kids and thinks about himself last. He is the most giving person when it comes to our family and I think he deserves to have his business that he talks about daily. I wish I had it to give to him whether it’s a $1 or whatever anything would help and please don’t tell him I want to surprise him.


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The REAL WORK– getting rid of easy in your life

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This is tough love, not a fluff piece to help you be average.

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