How to Go From Crowdfunding to the NASDAQ

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Shift Pixy

This comes from an article: First Reg A+, then NASDAQ Listing for ShiftPixy
By JD Alois

ShiftPixy Workers FastTemp staff provider ShiftPixy is hoping to soon trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol PIXY but first, they are raising capital under Regulation A+. ShiftPixy has enlisted WR Hambrecht as sole underwriter on a “best effort” basis to raise up to $50 million with a minimum raise of $15 million.

ShiftPixy is a service provider that contracts with business clients in need of part-time staff primarily in the hospitality and restaurant industry. The company is currently operating in Southern California but intends on opening additional physical locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Philly (in that order). ShiftPixy currently has over 150 clients and about 3,350 worksite employees.

Let me share why this is significant:

This is a great plan. Many people are just crowdfunding one time with no real vision of how to move forward after that. If all goes well with each step, going to the NASDAQ is the right idea. And you will be able to watch the company progress all along the way. I think there will be a stock exchange for crowdfunded projects in the future but until then, this is a solid plan. I hope it helps you think in longer terms instead of just getting funding that will last you, 6 months or so.

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President Obama’s Global Entrepreneur Summit 2016

It all starts on Wednesday!

GES2016 aims to provide a platform for some of the world’s top up and coming talent to be fast-tracked and connected with a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. Empowering youth and women entrepreneurs brings new ideas to life, while also investing in our collective future. Young people around the world cite expanding entrepreneurship opportunities as their number one priority.


Women entrepreneurship and economic participation speeds up development, helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities and improves children’s nutrition, health, and school attendance. And successful women entrepreneurs are more likely to invest their earnings back into their families and their communities. The connections and insight gained through GES2016 will assist this next cadre of emerging youth and women entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential to scale and catalyze change.



I’ll be attending all three days and getting interviews, pics and information to bring back to you. Information you can use to grow your business.

Look for live stream on Periscope! I’m DrWright1

Concert Fashion Tips You May Want To Consider

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Concert Fashion Tips You May Want To Consider

The fashion industry is incredibly complex. We all know that. It is so hard to know exactly what to wear when looking at different events. Tutorials are normally written about anything but when referring to something like going to a concert, all becomes complicated. We tend to simply wear the first thing that we find in our wardrobe but that is almost never a good idea.

While we need to preserve a specific style, we also have to focus on various factors of interest. Going to a concert should be fun and should allow you to have a great time. However, you do need to look fashionable at the same time, right?

We can offer various different options that you can take into account. However, some are more popular than others. Those that are normally considered for a concert are presented below.


Rompers are normally connected with baby clothing but now they are very popular in fashion, especially for the younger women. They are incredibly useful. You can use them during CPR classes and even when you go to the concert.

Rompers are no longer seen as something that a woman should never wear. In fact, we have so many designers that use them in their own high-end lines. Also, popular brands like American Apparel, Old Pueblo Draders and Urban Outfitters now sell rompers. We do not expect the popularity of rompers to go down any time soon.

High Waist Shorts

High waist shorts are brilliant and casual. They can make you look a lot sexier when combined with a comfortable colorful tank top. The popularity of the shorts is growing mainly because of two topics:

  • They are really easy to wear and offer a lot of comfort.
  • The can look great for most women when worn properly.

The only real problem with these is that you will find it difficult to wear the high waist shorts when the temperature is cold. This fashion statement option is only available during summer and other warmer months.



The last option we need to recommend when we refer to clothes you could wear when going to the concert is the overalls. They were really popular during the nineties but as you know, the style is coming back. You can find so many interesting options and it is not at all difficult to find some overalls that are very comfortable, look great and will make that fashion statement you really want.


The three options we mentioned above are not common and are normally not taken into account by people that go to a concert. However, they should since the comfort offered is great. This is definitely something of a high interest for you. Remember that you want to be sure that what you choose is suitable for the concert though. Obviously, you cannot go to a rap concert while you wear clothes that would normally be used for a house music concert. Do think about style but do be sure you will make a great choice at the end of the day.

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