Best Facebook Live Videos of the Week 3.22.17

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This one is fun and well done, not a FB Live video but worth a look.

Amy shares ( you should follow her on Facebook!) that Health Savings Accounts are not
Health Insurance and won’t help most people. She also explains why.


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This is great for work ( I live in California). While they call it plain, its not a clear plaid pattern. The grey, black and white make it interesting.

Just another great style at Gwynnie Bee  Take a look and get 30 days of free clothes

Wright Place BlogTalk Radio Podcast on Creating Wealth

Updated from 2008

From The Wright Place Podcast on Blog Talk Radio


This was a testimony that someone emailed to me.

Ann Says: “What an honor to have been part of your program on last – nite! You are doing a great job! I am blessed of God to know you! Blessed that God allowed me to get acquainted with such a jewel.”


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