Act like an Owner, Not a Hired Hand


By Brett Shevack, CEO of Brand Initiatives Group

Now, more than ever, with agencies feeling relegated to “creative supplier” status, account people need to start contributing like an “owner” of a brand, rather than someone who is just servicing the account. While the creative are doing their thing, account people can make a huge contribution with ideas outside of advertising. Ideas for new products, categories, distribution channels – ideas that can restage brands and change the course of companies.

Great advertising people may work for the agency but they live in their client’s world. They earn their client’s loyalty and respect by knowing the business as well as they do. Whether it’s athletic shoes, lawn fertilizer or deodorant, they get very passionately involved. Read more

KTLA Channel 5 New- Los Angeles and Crowdfunding

I was recently on the news talking about Crowdfunding and scams- here is the video, let me know your thoughts and anything you would like to see me cover in the future.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Fashion Recruiter

Fashion Sketches Still Life

The fashion industry is fast-paced, high-profile, and intensely competitive. How do you know you’re meeting your fashion staffing needs with the best and brightest talent? Read on for five reasons why working with a fashion recruiter like CM InStyle makes smart fashion sense.

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