Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy

Expanding one’s knowledge of culture not only adds to your personal stature but it can also change your home environment

Shozo Sato is a master of the traditional Zen Arts. He specializes in the tea ceremony, ink painting, flower arranging, and Japanese theatre. Sato conducts workshops through out the United States. I liked the chapter where he talks about the spirit of the brush. He explains how it’s an inner game and an outer game. You have to prepare mentally and physically. You have to control your breathing and concentrate your energy. The idea of learning something that so completely involves my mind and body is interesting to me.

Because it is frowned upon to go back and correct anything, this art exposes the writer. You see who you really are at the time you were writing. There is quite a bit about how the energy or the artist is transferred to the art. And done so on purpose. It helps to create a spiritual effect on the viewer. Zen monks used it to reach viewers hearts with the hopes of expanding their realizations. Professional Shodo writers practice a daily time of writing. Japanese Calligraphy has 3 ways of writing. It’s all about the paper, brush, ink and the writer.

It is complex and yet still inviting. This is a quiet world you could start to study and fall in love with. Sato is an extraordinary teaches who is sharing more then just the how to of Japanese calligraphy. If you are looking to revive your daily calligraphy practice, this book will inspire you to get back and grow beyond what you thought you could. You’ll understand what it takes to create a masterpiece. I think you will also enjoy the Zen Buddhism teachings Sato has shared in this book. Many people who enjoy physical books will love this too. It has a classic style with weight to it.  If you love art, you’ll find some beautiful pieces in this book and will want to have it in your home.

You can pick up the book here

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New Internet Listing Service, Made for Students


New Internet Listing Service, Made for Students

San Marcos, TX: There is a new player in the multi-billion dollar student housing industry. Rather than competing with management companies, is here to help them while providing a service that students can relate to.

Brenden Martin, CEO and Founder of StudentRentIt, LLC was working as a realtor in the area locating apartments and realized how it was negatively impacting apartment communities and overall increasing rent prices to students.

“It’s just not fair that these students are paying so much for rent and getting into debt to do so. It will put them at an unfair advantage after college.” Martin, said.

StudentRentIt, LLC has taken some of the best practices of other internet listing services and combined them with other popular strategies tech companies have made. The result is a mobile-friendly web application that allows students to connect with fellow college students before they sign a lease. “What is so great about it is students can connect with current residents, see what small businesses are nearby and see what it is really like to live somewhere before they sign a lease.” Martin explained about the service. With each property description, apartment communities also have a “community” which residents can connect with one another and the management can post events and deals happening. takes it a step further by providing more video and more unique content for users to feel comfortable applying for an apartment from the comfort of their own home, or on the go, rather than driving all around town and wasting a weekend. has expanded from San Marcos, TX to nearby college towns including College Station, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and Lubbock, TX. Parents and students can now see what the community is like before they move there, plan weekends around events and find deals to save money while visiting their students. Another exciting feature, parents and their student or a group of friends can create private groups and search for an apartment together. All of the apartment information is shared in one area and a conversation feed allows all parties in the group to “be in the know” about the leasing process. has very aggressive plans to expand and offer even more features as their user base increases. “The possibilities are endless. We can literally do anything and we are really excited to be where we are at and have the flexibility to make students, parents and apartment managers happy.” hopes to reduce apartment’s marketing budgets allowing rent prices to decrease so students are not put in financial hardship after college.

HLIC The Movie


This spring I will be working on a new film called the HLIC- Head Lady in Charge. I am the director and one of the producers. The film idea is from Executive Producer Trevor Otts and Che Brown. Please take a moment to watch the trailer and give some feed back. Share it with others. My desire to create an inspirational film. Enjoy!


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