The Methods of Business Communication in the Workplace





The Methods of Business Communication in the Workplace

Businesses thrive on effective communication. Without it, misunderstandings, stagnation, frustration, and general ill-will take hold, reducing productivity and increasing turnover. A basic understanding of psychology can improve unity and understanding in the workplace during the course of meetings, discussions, presentations, training, and other business communication methods. Following are a few examples of how it can help.

  • Group meetings: Whether it’s with a committee of three or with an entire department, group meetings provide a quick way to discuss important information with a large number of people. To be most effective, they should involve multiple elements, such as a presentation, engaging questions, and enthusiasm.
  • One-on-one: In many cases, a group setting is not ideal for communicating certain information. You may need to discuss an idea one-on-one with someone so as to avoid disclosure of private information or reduce discomfort. In addition, many people capture information best when it is discussed one-on-one with consistent eye contact.
  • Presentations: The core of a presentation is multimodal teaching. Basically, that means you are engaging a variety of learning modes, including sight, hearing, and emotion. A presentation should therefore include a mix of visual and auditory elements, all backed by your own enthusiasm. This allows the brain to form multiple neural pathways to the information you present, increasing understanding and retention.
  • Use humor: Okay, so it isn’t really a mode of communication all its own, but humor is definitely a useful way to improve communication. Appropriate, positive humor will help diffuse tension and relieve boredom, making it far more likely that everyone will not only remember what you say, but remember it in a positive light.
  • Training: Many people take training seriously, so it’s important to incorporate a variety of strategies into instruction. One effective training method is a “learn by doing” approach. As employees do something themselves, they deepen their understanding of a task and retain the information better.
  • Listening: People are more likely to be responsive to instructions if they feel their own voices are heard. Listening therefore makes meetings and one-on-one discussions far more effective. It also allows you to make sure you understand what is going on with coworkers and employees, thus reducing the occurrence of frustrating miscommunication issues.

Ultimately, it comes to understanding how people think and act in different situations. For those aspiring to a productive career in the business world, an online psychology degree can provide the skills and knowledge needed to make a difference.

How to Gain Business Using Social Media


Gain Business Web Social Status


Gaining social status for your business website is something that should be at the top of your priority list. Social Status has become the new found form of virtual respectas wed like to call it. Read below acouple of great tips to increase your social status for your business on the web.

Social Tip #1 Posting new and relevant content.

Social Tip#2 Be consistent with your posts. If you post on Fridays, make sure that you dont skip that beat!

Social Tip#3 Follow, Comment, and Like! A great way to make business connections and have high industry individuals follow back your business on social media.

Social Tip#4 Focus on your Social Images! Do your social sites have a high pixel image representing your brand? Having a great image display will make your social sites visually appealing.

Social Tip#5 Using the #hashtag to your favor will allow your followers to remember and trend you in that form.

Remember use these tips above to your advantage!

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