Writer’s Block! Is it a Real Thing?

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Book to Media is my new live streaming show for authors who want to sell more book and get more media around your books
The guests on this show were
Laticia Nicole
Vanessa Collins
Gail Turner Brown
Annette Smith


We talked about writer’s block, the $2,000 book, why write instead of type and more!

You gotta watch the show!

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Why Crowdfunding is NOT FREE!

Why Crowdfunding is not free and how to figure it out! This quick video is a fast lesson for you.

NDE / Pixabay

And I THOUGHT Podcast

I got  a second chance to talk with these ladies about Unfair Advantage! They are a lot of fun, we “get” me. This podcast is a great way to think about how to think about your business and how to stand out. Click the link below and have a listen! Post your thoughts!

We talked about Dr. Who, Star TREK, Zombies and more.

Photo on 6-16-16 at 5.07 PM #4

I Thought  Ladies on Unfair Advantage! http://buff.ly/2aPnWlp

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.29.57 AM

Unfair Advantage Cover

Get the E Book here http://wrightplacetv.com/unfair

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