Hotel Industry Growth in Asheville

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Though rumors have been flying around for years, multiple sources have confirmed that the Biltmore Estate is planning on building a new hotel, according to an AsheVegas article. While the Biltmore had released plans to build a second hotel a few years ago, the financial crisis was a significant disincentive in following through with the expansion of the Biltmore estate and the construction plans were halted.

Now, multiple sources are reporting that the Biltmore Estate is now definitely interested in pushing forward plans for development. This comes as no real surprise, with the financial crisis now in hindsight. And this is only one example of business expansion in Asheville. Despite what some would say about the potential downturn in the country, Asheville is still a prime location for corporate relocation. Other industries that have recently relocated to Buncombe County are the craft beer, specialty grocer, and hotel industries.

The Biltmore is just an example. One wonders if they aren’t in part trying to compete with The Grove Park Inn, which was recently bought by Omni Hotels & Resorts and is now undergoing a multi-million dollar facelift. If two quite up-scale hotels are expanding, it suggests that economic times here in Asheville are positive, and the future outlook is promising.

Businesses like the Biltmore don’t just expand. They enhance customer experience. Much of what is special about Asheville is also intangible, like the culture of the city, the atmosphere, and the overall experience. Antler Village at the Biltmore estate is one example of a business with this Asheville ambiance, including a mini-museum, creamery, and restaurant.

Asheville isn’t lacking based on the numbers either. Statistics suggest Asheville is a great place to relocate a business with success. Unemployment continues to drop, housing sales have double-digit rates of change, and airport activity has increased. The last one implies that the comings and goings of people makes Asheville a growing destination. For businesses looking to expand, this would be a definite positive.

The grocer industry’s growth is also making waves in Asheville. Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter are now open, located right next to Greenlife. With their expansion to Asheville, they add to the gourmand and health-focused environment that the city is known for. Furthermore, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada continue with their plans on opening their brewing locations, which helps to develop Asheville’s reputation as a craft brewery city.

With the influx of businesses relocating or developing in Asheville, residents may call in to question the quality infrastructure in Asheville. All these new businesses will certainly put more strain on roads and parking. Asheville is up to the challenge. In the case of Antler Village and the upcoming expansion of a new hotel, Biltmore Avenue already has been expanding, ensuring that traffic can be handled easily. There will also be new tax revenue for the city to improve on older roads.

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