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 By Coreypal

Fact or fiction, an event management company has many plate’s full of options to consider when pondering how to choose proactive marketing companies to manage their SEO and traffic generation.  Shysters run the mean streets of the many internet marketing websites in existence, and although it’s an unfortunate occurrence for the honest man to run into these scams, the list of ultimately beneficial internet marketing companies can drastically be reduced through some skillful searching, phone calling, and BBB findings.

Let’s face the reason head on why you are reading this: you are a serious business-minded money making event planning guru that wants to check the newest trends and gauge your current company with others so as to raise the bar on your event management services.  Or, perhaps you really do want to learn how to choose an internet marketing company; if this is you, sip the coffee and scroll down.

What Event Management Companies Could Expect

The primary purpose of an internet marketing company is strikingly similar to the modus operandi of a SEO company: to place your company on the map, albeit locally or nationally, and bring the promise of more customers your way for either a ‘per diem’ fee or some monthly membership fee.  The only way it is ever suggested to drop a single dime on an internet marketing company is if they are reachable by phone, reputable to the point their references are easily verified, and they have zero complaints through D&B or the BBB.

Do not go with a company that simply charges you to ‘babysit’ you SEO accounts, no matter how many you have.  Calling Google AdWords will render not only the creation of a solid campaign, but also the creation of a budget that will not move so long as you don’t touch it.  Same goes with Bing, except you need to stay away from the click-happy content network which renders an obscene CTR yet yields few sales for you.

Perform Due Diligence

Also, it is imperative that you check the level of education in the company in question – anyone can call themselves a professional, yet very few have the gait of an expert internet marketing company professional.  Having a brief conversation on the phone will let you know the candor and knowledge of the voice behind the sales pitch.

Finally, you should go with a company that doesn’t use tools online that are free for everyone.  Charging your credit card for something that you could have found yourself is pretty much financial suicide; all of the techniques and tricks of the trade need to be in-house, professionally designed, and have some level of tracking technology for you to view at all times.


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A Million a Minute

Oprah’s last day on stations other than her OWN is May 25th ( same day as my Open house for my new office). She is charging $1 million dollars for a minute of commercial time.

The audience will be huge, live plus whoever Records it for later. People will be recording and saving it for years to come. That one minute can be a great investment.

I cant wait to see who the last advertiser will be.

The real point is how can we invest in our business to make people WANT to collaborate with us? One way? Included people in what you do. When I have the chance to do gift bags, which is often, I contact those close to me to add their products to the bags.

Information Product Distribution – The Perfect Business For the Solo Professional

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Information Product Distribution – The Perfect Business For the Solo Professional

By Joshua Black Platinum Quality Author

If you are a solo professional and you would like to increase your income almost immediately, you may be interested in creating your own information products business. Info products, or ebooks are a scalable business that any lone entrepreneur can easily create based upon their personal expertise. Read on to find out how you can create another stream of income to your solo business.

Information products are basically just a solution to a problem that your customer has. Your first few products will be base upon your own years of experience and expertise in a particular field. If you want to add an additional stream of income to your business without having to spend a lot of active time managing it, then info-products are the way to go.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to get your first project off the ground:

1. Find a niche with a problem and create a solution based on your own expertise. This can be a short report and you will still be able to charge a reasonable fee for the information. People just want the problem solved, not a novel for entertainment.

2. Build a one-page sales letter that you will post to the internet. These are very easy to create and only take a small amount of web creation knowledge.

3. Find a company to accept payment and process the orders for you. There are many places available on the internet.

4. Promote your new product to your customer list and collect the money.

You will not get rich with a single information product. Those days are long gone. However, you will create a little oil well that you only need to set up once and it will keep selling for your 24 hours a day all over the world. Once you have one page up and running, you can easily add additional information products that will solve a problem for another small niche of customers.

Information products are truly the perfect supplemental business for the solo professional. You do not need to add employees, inventory, or make any face-to-face sales. All you have to do is find a hungry crowd with a problem that they want solved right now. You create the answer to that problem in an easy-to-read format and then you deliver it to the hungry crowd on a silver platter. Once they become your customers, you can create variations on the same theme and keep them as customers for a long time.

Joshua Black is the developer of the Ultimate Information Product Report. This is a 34-page report that gives you all of the information and free software you need to create and sell your own information products, and start generating serious cash in as little as 5 days. Go to: http://www.information-product-report.com.

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