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Online marketing is also called internet marketing, and it uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers. For better results, online marketing strategies are used in conjunction with traditional advertising methods such as radio, magazines and television. However, if you are a small business owner, the cost of using traditional advertising methods can swallow up your profits.  Online marketing is particularly highly effective if used well. You can combine different online marketing methods such as email marketing, social media marketing and web adverting to achieve maximum results.

Web online marketing includes things like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, creating promotional and informative websites for a particular product or service, employing search engine optimization (SEO) on your web site, and using pay per click advertising. Email marketing involves email companies where promotional messages are delivered into subscribers’ inbox either through the use of newsletters, or announcement of offers. Finally, social media marketing involves the use of social media networks like twitter, Facebook, linked ln, Digg, and YouTube to promote your business. Social media online marketing does well with viral marketing.

Like the traditional advertising, online marketing involves consulting online marketing where there is a publisher and an advertiser involved. The publisher integrates advertisements into its online platform, and the advertiser provides the contents to be advertised online. Depending on the type of online marketing method you are using, there could be other players in online marketing such as analytics, and designers who help to generate the ad banners, or the codes, as well as affiliates.

To ensure that ethical standards are adhered to and that the playing ground is revealed, search engines such as Google have ranking algorithms to ensure that only those website owners who employ the best SEO methods reap the best results. Consulting online marketing experts such as SEO companies can be a great investment considering that you might not be well versed with the SEO trends. Employing proper search engine methods also requires hard work, patience, and skills, which you may be lacking. In the long run, good SEO practices should give you long lasting success.

The emergence of social media online marketing is swiftly eclipsing traditional marketing tools like television. Aside from the fact that traditional marketing methods can cost you an arm and a leg, social media marketing like you tube is more effective and reaches more people. To illustrate this, views in your channel are more likely to become your customers because when in YouTube, you specifically search for what you are interested in unlike traditional advertising methods like newspaper, and television where you view adverts irrespective of whether you are interested or not.

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Lauren Solomon On the Wright Place TV Show


Lauren Solomon gives us the rundown on the Gwynnie Bee mini-fashion show, I review Dr. Rachna Jain’s new book. Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us. We also talk fashion for business and crowdfunding.

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How to Create a Mastermind Group

guest post by Brandana

So what is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is a group of business professionals from various industries that meet up on a recurring basis to talk about their professional or personal life.

The concept of the Mastermind Group is simple – To be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people.

First off, you will need to promote or invite people to become a member of this Mastermind Group. Right off the bat, do you know of any like-minded professionals?  Go through your Facebook account and take a look at people’s profession and also create a Linkedin account if you don’t already have one. One Linkedin you could also create a Mastermind Group to stay connected with your members. You could post and share articles and of course, promote your actual meet up.

Once you’ve targeted the people you would like to invite, send them a simple email describing the event and purpose. I would try to keep it light and try not to make it sound too corporate or like a formal meeting. It’s simply a meet up for successful professionals. Also, be sure to extend the invitation to anyone your potential member thinks would be interested.

Next, you would need to have a couple of venues in mind. Affordable lounges, coffee shops and restaurants are always great. Make sure the venue is centralized to where everyone lives so it’s easy for everyone to get to it. I would recommend splurging a little and have some finger foods provided to your members. After all, they did join your group.

Like any other kind of group, organization is a key factor. In today’s world of technology, the internet has become the most effective form of communication. There are so many tools out there on the web that can help you get more organized in a time efficient manner.

The one tool I recommend for starting any kind of group is Whoozin.

Whoozin is an RSVP web application. Here you could place the group logistics and your members information and add them to a group which in this case, would be a Mastermind Group.  Whoozin provides the ability to email your members and track who is coming to your group and it also retains a history of events for the group. Whoozin can help you stay organized when it comes to registration or invitations to your Mastermind Group. I almost forgot to mention that Whoozin is free to use and provides an ad-free environment.

Finally, I don’t recommend handing out agendas like you would a meeting but you should have one in mind or a personal agenda handy. This agenda would contain topics of discussion or any announcements you would like to bring up.

After your first Mastermind Group is completed, make sure you call or email everyone a few days later to get your feedback from them. Always ask for ideas to improve the event.


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