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Listen to this episode on how I cope to stay inspired, howI keep going even when things are not looking great. If you’re on the edge, this is a perfect time to slow down and listen to this.

Seth Godin- Internet as Amplifier

The internet as envy amplifier

Used to be that the only Jones you needed to worry about was the one who lived next door.

Now, if you choose, it’s easy to find someone taller, richer, more successful, better liked, with more followers, online friends, connections and endorsements. And certainly it will be someone less deserving than you.

George Carlin liked to talk about the person (there’s always someone) who is worse off than you. The web allows you, with not much effort, to find the person who is better off.

Like many authors, I was briefly addicted to the Amazon bestseller list. Every hour, you can check how you’re doing. The problem (other than the insane non-productiveness of it) is how tricky “you” and “doing” are in that sentence. A number isn’t who you are, and your status compared to other people isn’t how you’re doing.

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I’m not sure the goal needs to be to have more turtles under you than anyone else has. Some things are better left unsearched.

*** my own addition-

Sometime you need to focus on your own business.

We look at others and are not looking at what we can do.

Did you Lose Focus?

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Did you lose focus last year?  Did you lose focus for the beginning of the year?  Have you not quite gotten the goals, resolutions, whatever it is you call them together?  Here’s how you get back on track with focus:  What I mean by losing focus is:  Have you lost focus on what you should be looking at in terms of your business?  Sometimes, we’re looking at small details and we’re not looking at the big picture.  We’ve lost focus and can’t make progress.  Sometimes, we’re looking at the big picture and never put actual action steps into place.  Again, we can’t make progress with losing focus in that way.  That’s what I mean by losing focus.  And you know if you’re losing focus if you’re losing steam and you’re not making progress.  Losing focus could be not focusing on who you should be focused on.  Sometimes, we have so many employee problems and issues; we’re no longer focused on our clients.  Sometimes, we’re so involved with clients and bad clients and client issues; we’re not focused enough on our employees to make it an environment where they can produce the best for us for what we’re paying.

It’s about where you focus.  Which areas of your business need the most improving?  It’s a lot of fun to work on the things that you’re really good at.  It’s not fun to work on the things that you’re not good at.  So, you’ve got to focus where focus needs to be put.  The things that you’re good at, you’re naturally doing.  You don’t have to focus harder on those.  You do need to make sure those other areas are covered and then what you could do is move forward in the areas that you’re good at because you can make fast acceleration in that area.

When?  The timing is important on what you’re doing.  You can’t just look at industry standards and say, “This is how I’m going to do it”.  What’s the timing for your tribe?  Your particular tribe may like to do things on Saturday’s.  That means that you’ve got to be there for them on Saturday’s.  Your particular tribe might like to do the things at a certain time of day.  You’ve got to make sure that you’re there a certain time of day.  If they check their e-mail on their lunch hour, then you want to be in the e-mail box during the lunch hour.  So timing is really, really important.

Did you lose focus on your why?  They always say “You’ve got to know your why in order to really create something big”.  And that’s true.  You do have to know your why, but for most of us, the why is, we’re doing this so we can make a living and make some money especially the recession.  That’s the recession why.  Just so we can make some money.  What you have to do is you really need to look at the why for your client.  That’s the focus I like to get.  Why would your client want to business?  What do you have that’s so special that they can’t get some place else?  If you’re a commodity and you’re going on low price, then they can buy what you do or sell anywhere, but if you’re something special and unique, then they know that they can only come to you.

So those are the places that, in 2013, you need to focus on.  Here’s your in-depth how-to do this:  Check out where your business is in terms of what, who, why, where and when.  Write it down.  Look at what’s weak.  Assess what’s strong.  Hire in the areas that you’re weak.  Bring someone in.  Bring a partner in.  Bring an employee in.  Bring someone in that can help booster your weak areas and then turbo charge the areas you’re already strong in.  That’s the go-big part.  The stuff that you’re good at, continue to show people that you are just kick-butt good at it and move forward.

Losing focus doesn’t have to go on forever and ever and ever and ever and it doesn’t take a psychological change.  It just means you need to focus a little bit more clearly on your business to get what you should get out of it, which is a thriving business that makes you money.

Your turn, comment below if you lost focus ( or not)

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