Back in the Studio for Season 21!

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I guess the show is grown now. Mature enough to handle some really tough topics and do what it wants to do. It certainly can pay it’s own bills and I am happy for that! It even has it’s own place now! That’s right, 3 places! Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku! You can download the apps into your smart TV and watch it anywhere you can get internet. It’s not on social media, it’s on MY TV Channel – The Wright Place TV Channel

It feels like years since I have been in the studio, but it seems to be flowing back to me easily and check lists are a big help. All guests will be virtual, as we face an unsure future with the DELTA virus, I would rather be safe.

There are a few changes to the show and I look forward to them. The full shows will no longer be on YOUTUBE. There maybe some clips but that’s all. I hope you will download the Wright Place TV Channel app and go on this new journey with us!

Today’s Guests:

Pamela Stone, Vision Made Magazine, The Stone Method
David Foote from will be here to talk about clean Luxury skin care

Musical Guest

MS Eyez


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What I am doing right now…

August 29, 2022

I just got back from teaching at BSE in Australia! Next year it’s in Cancun. I am looking forward to that. 

I also just added some new people to the Yoga Baki Roku Channel and will have new content there!

There is a new program for the ROKU Riches channel, it’s has a membership with information on 

how to make money and grow your content. 





Launched Wright Place TV Channel on ROKU AND AMAZON Prime- download the app and watch at no cost!

Diverse Business Television

(PS- I am an Elite tv channel buuilder for busy professionals)

I just reached 105,000 friends/followers on Tiktok @thecrowdfundingexpert




Vision Magazine

What I am doing right now…

This is an idea inspired by Inspired by Derek Sivers.

If you need a quick update on what I am doing now. Updated Feb 1, 2021

Dr. Letitia Wright 2021

Dr. Letitia Wright 2021

February 2021

I am on Tiktok having a ball!  @thecrowdfundingexpert The tribe here is fantastic

I am also on Clubhouse- Dr. Wright

I am busy working with clients who are FOR PROFITS

I am coaching people on how to start and build a funded business so they can grow easily and quickly.

I am still  a National Board member for STand up for Kids

I have started my own ROKU channel- called The Wright Place TV Channel

I was featured in Vision Made Magazine

January 2020…
  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, The Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, My Crowdfunding Company and Youth Entrepreneur Incubator with  Standup for Kids.Org
  • I am currently raising money for the Entrepreneur Incubator at  $25!
  • I work with corporations on their crowdfunding projects
  •  I am booking paid speaking events for 2020
  • logging in some serious “in front of the fireplace” time, this has not changed since 2015!
  • Launching The Vault- a full day for Future Founders with a focus on Financing and Access to Capital, Alternative funding and meeting investors.
  •  My  health is still a priority, so if I turn you down for something, you know why.
  • Prepping the new season of Wright Place TV for Upliftv channel.

June 2020

Wow… so…much….has….happened, I usually remove what was before, but I feel like I need to keep it up so I can laugh about how things went LEFT in 2020.

  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, The Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, My Crowdfunding Company and Youth Entrepreneur Incubator with  Standup for Kids.Org
  • Update- I am working to make the YEI for Stand up a virtual online class for nation wide use.
  • I am currently raising money for the Entrepreneur Incubator at $25!  Update: I am still doing this, I am at $1,500 and you can still help!
  • I work with corporations raise money using crowdfunding
  • Prepping to launch Wright Place TV Channel- Diverse business television
  • My  health is still a priority, so if I turn you down for something, you know why

Feel free to comment on what you are doing too!

Do You Have the Courage to be Goal Oriented with Finding Sponsors for Your Event?


This article is for people who are looking for sponsorship for the first time or raising their sponsorship levels to a new high. This information will assist you in meeting all your goals.

Abraham Lincoln said ?a goal properly set is halfway reached.? All goals for a sponsor for your show seem lofty at first. You may not have a lot of people around you to support the dream. Just understand that everyone has started at the bottom. You can also reach a goal that is properly set. Most people are afraid to ask for money. They are afraid it will be too much. If you are not sure how much to ask for you have to start by guessing. Then ask and see what the response is. Some companies will tell you that they only put half that amount into these types of campaigns. The will be great information for you. It?s free research! Set the sponsorship goal properly and get comfortable with the amount. If you are not comfortable with the amount, no matter how low it is, you won?t ask for it.

Write your sponsorship goals down and look at them daily. You would be surprised how much off course you can be when you do not do this. You get busy with other things. You do not work towards the goal because it is not top of the mind. You can begin to work on putting out fires instead of getting into the groove of getting the sponsors. Write it down and look at it daily. You can even put it on a wall that you will look at.

Make sure your sponsor goals do not overlap. I once had 2 different weight loss sponsors on the show. It was exciting for me, less so for the smaller sponsor. Make sure all sponsors have their own area that does not overlap and everyone will be a happy camper!

If you have courage you can do these things: write your goals, make sure they do not over lap and get an amount that works.

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