Guess Who is ON!

This week I am back in the studio for the first time since October! I’ll be interviewing the ladies from Sniffle Buddies and the Guys from I am celebrating 10 years on the “air” with my TV show. Officially, everything is seen by cable and not broadcast from a tower anymore so almost nothing is ON THE AIR anymore!

These two are very different business that came into being because of a real need seen in the market and two companies that really care about the people they serve. Whether you watch it on TV, online or on iTunes, be sure to check out this show!

To subscribe on iTunes, just go to iTunes and Search for Wright Place TV. It’s free and you will always have the new shows.
We are booking our February 2010 Shows!
Events: I hope you are joining me for live shows at the Leadership Summit in Ontario California. Lisa’s Events are always a great place for networking and learning!

If you missed out on the 10 Week PR Challenge- you can order the audio from the classes  by cllicking the Logo above or going to

Have a great week!

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