How to Get Your Book Reviewed

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Business Book Reviews Done Wright

The new season has a few different things happing. All are exciting; all have some great benefits to the viewers and readers of this blog. One is a business book review. Why a book review? Because over 400 books are published each day. While we know we must enhance our business education by read or listening to books, there are just too many to figure out what is good and what is a waste of time. I am going to help you with that task. Many people send me their business books. Some want to be on the show, some want a book review. I?ve been polite. I read most books sent to me because I am always open to learning new things. Now, I want to make all that time I spend reading of value to my viewers. So we will officially have a segment on the show with a book review from me. You will also find them posted on my website and on I am the new official Business Book Reviewer for Los Angeles.

So if your book is for business owners, about business growth or business. You can send it in for a review to:

Dr. Wright

8300 Utica Ave

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

No Books will be returned and become property of Wright Place TV.

PS- I love sci-fi books too ? I?ll let you take whatever inference you like from that.