Is Your Business Social?

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Is Your Business Social?

Social media is very much in the limelight right now following the flotation of Facebook and impending flotation of Twitter. These websites are valued at huge sums and investors are desperate to snap up a share of these businesses but what can these sites do for you and your business? I’m sure you’ve already read advice about adding your business to all of the major social media channels but you are profiting from this and is your business growing from your social media exposure?

My name is Emma Simpson and I’m the owner of a firm of cheap accountants who offer accounting services to all small businesses at affordable prices. My business has grown to be very profitable and successful over the last few years and I have experimented with a number of social media websites to advertise my company and to achieve growth. I believe I know what works and what doesn’t work which is why I have written this article so that you can learn from my experiences.

I have achieved sharp business growth in a short space of time and I have achieved this by taking advantage of the best social media channels. I’ll let you in on my secret. There are a number of social media websites out there and they can all enable you to interact with new, potential customers but some sites deliver more than others. The site which you must concentrate your efforts on is Twitter. Twitter is easy to join and you will soon find that this site is a great place to do business and to develop new leads.

My advice is to be social on a daily basis. Remember to tweet a number of times each day and to offer something of interest to your followers. This could be articles from your own blog, which is a great way of demonstrating your skills and expertise, or simply news articles from a mainstream website. I aim to be visible on the news feed of my followers each day and this means that my business is always noticed and when someone needs the services I offer they are more than likely to get in touch with me.

Success on Twitter cannot be achieved overnight and you will need to give it time to gain sufficient followers and to develop an audience for your tweets. However, once you have gained a good number of followers and when you actively participate within business circles you will find that is relatively easy to gain new customers for your business. You really can grow your business through social media and I’m living proof. The best part of all of this is that social media is 100% free so you don’t need a marketing budget to promote your business.

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website design business is a tuff cookie

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English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006

English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written By Jolly Jolly Jolly

The website design business is a tuff cookie for most entrepreneurs to cut into. The field has high levels of barriers to entry based on technology and the rapid advances in new computer lanuages and web standards. Austin Web Design firm Lakeway Web has put a tremendous amount of capitol, both human and monetary, into the successful formula to crack into a tech-centric market and high value development market. We will examine some of the keys to setting them apart from the competition and strategies for succeeding in a highly saturated market.

Getting the social right is an absolute must but not in the way you might think. The large part of getting a good structure for a unified front, so to speak, with a competitive niche is finding out what segments exist in your industry. Austin Texas has fairly specific industries and for the companies and startup types that we would market to. We managed to do an amazing amount of research on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter for our area to get specifics on our target market, which technology stacks they currently used and which needed to be updated. Literally browsing the websites source and looking for content-meta generator tags that read old and out of data CMS tech stacks gave us a good point to talk with these future clients about. Outdated security vulnerable websites area a language that everyone in a company understands perfectly well  J. We created lists of companies we wanted to do business with, and the tech stack they had in place on their website currently. This list gives a talking point that has high value.

Creating innovative applications is also a great capability that you have to have to compete in a fierce marketplace that is somewhat to highly technologically advances already. Lakeway Web brought on the human capital to meet the specific demands that had to do with identified companies and the gap they would be likely to look for a consulting firm to fill. Once we had the capacity and the contacts made, it’s all about opening up the future of the clients by showing them how you can fill the gaps in that they can’t effectively get solved by in-house talent. Often bringing up potential profit centers that would be easy to capture and speak to on the website is a great way to show them you care about their bottom line, which in the end leads to a quality relationship.

Giving something back is also a very important part of being a competitive company in the high tech landscape of Austin. We do this by having dedicated time set aside to developing market filler technology that we license and give away under either AGPL or GLP2 licenses so others can adapt and innovate with our base code projects. Doing it for free demonstrates both your value as an open developer which is basically every website CMS package out in the interweb today.

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How to Create a Mastermind Group

guest post by Brandana

So what is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is a group of business professionals from various industries that meet up on a recurring basis to talk about their professional or personal life.

The concept of the Mastermind Group is simple – To be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people.

First off, you will need to promote or invite people to become a member of this Mastermind Group. Right off the bat, do you know of any like-minded professionals?  Go through your Facebook account and take a look at people’s profession and also create a Linkedin account if you don’t already have one. One Linkedin you could also create a Mastermind Group to stay connected with your members. You could post and share articles and of course, promote your actual meet up.

Once you’ve targeted the people you would like to invite, send them a simple email describing the event and purpose. I would try to keep it light and try not to make it sound too corporate or like a formal meeting. It’s simply a meet up for successful professionals. Also, be sure to extend the invitation to anyone your potential member thinks would be interested.

Next, you would need to have a couple of venues in mind. Affordable lounges, coffee shops and restaurants are always great. Make sure the venue is centralized to where everyone lives so it’s easy for everyone to get to it. I would recommend splurging a little and have some finger foods provided to your members. After all, they did join your group.

Like any other kind of group, organization is a key factor. In today’s world of technology, the internet has become the most effective form of communication. There are so many tools out there on the web that can help you get more organized in a time efficient manner.

The one tool I recommend for starting any kind of group is Whoozin.

Whoozin is an RSVP web application. Here you could place the group logistics and your members information and add them to a group which in this case, would be a Mastermind Group.  Whoozin provides the ability to email your members and track who is coming to your group and it also retains a history of events for the group. Whoozin can help you stay organized when it comes to registration or invitations to your Mastermind Group. I almost forgot to mention that Whoozin is free to use and provides an ad-free environment.

Finally, I don’t recommend handing out agendas like you would a meeting but you should have one in mind or a personal agenda handy. This agenda would contain topics of discussion or any announcements you would like to bring up.

After your first Mastermind Group is completed, make sure you call or email everyone a few days later to get your feedback from them. Always ask for ideas to improve the event.


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