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English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006

English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The website design business is a tuff cookie for most entrepreneurs to cut into. The field has high levels of barriers to entry based on technology and the rapid advances in new computer lanuages and web standards. Austin Web Design firm Lakeway Web has put a tremendous amount of capitol, both human and monetary, into the successful formula to crack into a tech-centric market and high value development market. We will examine some of the keys to setting them apart from the competition and strategies for succeeding in a highly saturated market.

Getting the social right is an absolute must but not in the way you might think. The large part of getting a good structure for a unified front, so to speak, with a competitive niche is finding out what segments exist in your industry. Austin Texas has fairly specific industries and for the companies and startup types that we would market to. We managed to do an amazing amount of research on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter for our area to get specifics on our target market, which technology stacks they currently used and which needed to be updated. Literally browsing the websites source and looking for content-meta generator tags that read old and out of data CMS tech stacks gave us a good point to talk with these future clients about. Outdated security vulnerable websites area a language that everyone in a company understands perfectly well  J. We created lists of companies we wanted to do business with, and the tech stack they had in place on their website currently. This list gives a talking point that has high value.

Creating innovative applications is also a great capability that you have to have to compete in a fierce marketplace that is somewhat to highly technologically advances already. Lakeway Web brought on the human capital to meet the specific demands that had to do with identified companies and the gap they would be likely to look for a consulting firm to fill. Once we had the capacity and the contacts made, it’s all about opening up the future of the clients by showing them how you can fill the gaps in that they can’t effectively get solved by in-house talent. Often bringing up potential profit centers that would be easy to capture and speak to on the website is a great way to show them you care about their bottom line, which in the end leads to a quality relationship.

Giving something back is also a very important part of being a competitive company in the high tech landscape of Austin. We do this by having dedicated time set aside to developing market filler technology that we license and give away under either AGPL or GLP2 licenses so others can adapt and innovate with our base code projects. Doing it for free demonstrates both your value as an open developer which is basically every website CMS package out in the interweb today.

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