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What I am doing right now…

This is an idea inspired by Inspired by Derek Sivers.

If you need a quick update on what I am doing now.

Dr. Wright at the GRM Awards

Dr. Wright at the GRM Awards



So, as November wanes and Decembers lumbers closer..
  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, The Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, My Crowdfunding Company and Youth Entrepreneur Incubator with  Standup for Kids.Org
  • I am focused on finalizing my 90 day goals for 2020
  • I work with corporations on their crowdfunding projects  (
  •  I am booking paid speaking events for 2020
  • logging in some serious “in front of the fireplace” time ( funny, this has not changed since 2015)
  • I plan on resting a lot this last few weeks of the year to refresh my health, so if I turn you down for something, you know why.
  • Prepping the new season of Wright Place TV for Upliftv channel.

Feel free to comment on what you are doing too!