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Why do some companies show reluctance to implement kaizen events?

A huge number of business organizations have realized the amazing benefits involved with Kaizen. Still, some businesses show hesitation to utilize kaizen events because they think that such events take away a team of employees from their “actual jobs” for three to five days at a time. Certain companies decide to replace kaizen events with projects assigned to 1 or 2 individuals. This approach will not bring the desired results because it does not contain substantial participation and buy-in and, they will come to the conclusion that kaizen events cannot be implemented in their business organization.

It can be described as a wrong perception and the perceived ‘lost time’ of the employees can be compensated with the help of properly planned and implemented kaizen events. When a company implements this method in the proper manner, they are going to increase their productivity and many of the day-to-day problems can be solved permanently as well.

Since kaizen events can be described as 3 to 5 day breakthrough events and they include a wide variety of activities. The first one is known training and the second step is to define the problem/goal of the company. Thirdly, the process of documenting the current state will be performed and the next one is all about brainstorming and developing a future state. The implementation process will take place in the next stage and a follow-up plan will be designed during the next phase. The other two activities are presentation of results and celebration of success and, with these two activities, kaizen events will reach a full circle.

The entire process can be implemented in a wide variety of situations to find permanent solutions and in order to target the correct areas for improvement, Kaizen events are being planned using value stream mapping. It can be said without an iota of doubt that correct implementation of kaizen events will bring the desired results and the reluctance shown by companies is mainly because they have not made any efforts to understand this concept in a detailed manner.

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I dont think that word means what you think it means

The word is LEVERAGE

Seriously, Aldis Hodge aside, Leverage is about action.

For example: People hire me  to coach them on Crowd Funding so that they can access the knowledge I have about it. Yes, they are all smart enough to research it and study it for themselves. They know the value of their time. They know they have to do other  things too and decide to access my information instead spending time researching on their own.

People go to the doctor to get help with an illness, they getting the doctors knowledge to get well. Yes anyone can go to med school but who has time when you are sick?

Yes, you can do everything in your business, but until you begin to build a team to assist you in the vision, it’s going to be a long slow haul. An efficient team helps you move faster and higher.

Being a lone wolf will cost you in time.

This is hard to say: You either invest in your dream or put it on hold. Lot’s of people have the dream on hold but think they are working towards making things happen.

They have it rolling around in their head but there is no real movement on it. They won’t take time to learn how to make it happen or bring in people to make it happen. Those are really the only choices.

The knowledge cost money and so do the team members.

So… what can you do?

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