What are you really Crowdfunding for?

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There are so many great tools that are provided as an avenue to be able to assist people further in their pursuit of seeing their project and dreams come true. One such tool that is widely used, but also abused is that of Crowdfunding. Just like with all things it starts out great and then people misuse what they have access to. It is time for people to get an understanding on what crowdfunding is and what it is used for. You can grab my book on Crowdfunding entitled, “Get Crowdfunded Now,” for more details.

So many people are so quick to get funding and do not know how to get Crowdfunded Now the right way. There are so many things that I see that I had to address. It is time for people to act out of a state of integrity as it coincides with their brand and their brand message. What are you saying to your tribe? “Oh, I am going to say it is for a certain project and then use the funds towards something completely opposite of what you set the campaign up for. This happens. Also, trying to crowdfund for campaigns that are not going to make an impact such as (insert an example here.)

You have heard the quote used many times, one bad apple spoils the bunch. It is time to get serious about what your mission is. Don’t try to deceive your tribe of people by trying to crowdfund when you don’t even have the knowledge of what it means to crowdfund and what all is entailed. Ever wonder why so many campaigns are not even done successfully is because they do not truly display what the intention is. Before you start crowdfunding connect with me so that I can ensure that you have the basis on which to start and have a successful campaign.

There are people who have an idea of something that has the potential to really change things and benefit other people. Act with honesty and integrity so that a good resource won’t be ruined. Is what you are trying to accomplish going to impact other people or are you doing to manipulate for selfish gain. There is always the right way to go about doing something and trying to find a way to alter the original intent of crowdfunding is misleading.

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I dont think that word means what you think it means

The word is LEVERAGE

Seriously, Aldis Hodge aside, Leverage is about action.

For example: People hire me  to coach them on Crowd Funding so that they can access the knowledge I have about it. Yes, they are all smart enough to research it and study it for themselves. They know the value of their time. They know they have to do other  things too and decide to access my information instead spending time researching on their own.

People go to the doctor to get help with an illness, they getting the doctors knowledge to get well. Yes anyone can go to med school but who has time when you are sick?

Yes, you can do everything in your business, but until you begin to build a team to assist you in the vision, it’s going to be a long slow haul. An efficient team helps you move faster and higher.

Being a lone wolf will cost you in time.

This is hard to say: You either invest in your dream or put it on hold. Lot’s of people have the dream on hold but think they are working towards making things happen.

They have it rolling around in their head but there is no real movement on it. They won’t take time to learn how to make it happen or bring in people to make it happen. Those are really the only choices.

The knowledge cost money and so do the team members.

So… what can you do?

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