The Client Gift They Will OPENLY Adore

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There are a lot of products and systems that an entrepreneur can use to thank and support clients. You can send them thank you cards, candy, products with you logo on them. I used to work with a company that gave their clients beach kits in the summer. It consisted of a large towel, bag, mini cooler, beach umbrella and a small picnic basket. Each had the company’s logos. Their clients spent thousands with them, so these kinds of gifts were easy to give. If you are on a smaller budget, what can you give a client that is unique and they will love it as soon as they see it?

Your clients do not need another coffee mug or water carrier. They don’t need another recycled bag. Pens are nice but they get lost easily. You can give them some hand sanitizer. Everyone can use that however, it’s not going to give him or her impression that your company considers him or her special. Here is something that is out of the box, however the clients will love it. Get them a Mini me.

At Iminime , you can get these small statues that look just like your customer and are all hand made. You can choose their body type and sport. You can focus on their professional side or their fun side. There are a wide variety of choices to add to the statues. They can even represent all kinds of occasions like weddings and retirement. Who is NOT going to love a bobble head that really does look like them? Any client receiving this from you will know that you spend time thinking about them and appreciating their business. It’s something to talk about every time someone asks them where they got it. They will mention you and your company. Ready to really stand out? Try giving them a mini me from


Why Do You Need an External iPhone Battery

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Why Do You Need an External iPhone Battery?

Picture this: It’s been a busy week; you’ve been rushing to and from work, errands and home with absolutely no time to spare.  You have completely forgotten to charge your iPhone and now you’re stuck somewhere without a charger, wasting time and energy doing things the hard way because everything is on your iPhone.  Your life is on your iPhone and when it dies and you can’t easily charge it, you’re lost.

But what many people don’t realize is that for a very reasonable investment you can buy an external iPhone power pack that will prevent you from ever being without your iPhone again.  Wholesale companies such as TVC-Mall supply iPhone portable batteries and battery cases for all models of iPhones at extremely reasonable wholesale prices that will appeal to individual buyers, distributers, wholesalers and resellers.

iPhone Power Packs

TVC-Mall has a large selection of iPhone power packs.  Many of these power packs are offered in the form of protective iPhone cases that add style and protection along with extra power charge.  Most of the iPhone power pack options have a minimum capacity of charging the phone completely once with some power leftover – which makes them perfect for long flights or those emergency times when you have forgotten to charge your iPhone and can’t live without it.  They come in a wide range of colors and styles so you’re sure to find one that will fit seamlessly with your phone and your individual style.

iPhone Power Banks

Power banks are portable batteries that can be used to quickly charge iPhones. Power banks come in really cute options such as ones that look like little milk cartons in a large variety of colors, some that include a fragrance, and even some that do double duty as personal massagers.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Power banks are small, portable and easily affordable.  You can find a variety of tem at TVC-Mall.

Benefits of External iPhone Batteries

The great thing about having an external battery for iPhone  is that you never have to waste time because of low batter life again.  Since we all multi-task on our iPhones and use time such as waiting in line or in a waiting room to get legitimate work done, you can extend your efficiency by having a power pack that ensures you’ll never be without your phone again.

Choosing the Right Battery

With websites such as TVC-Mall, choosing the right battery is easy. For example, if you have an iPhone 5c, there is an entire section devoted to accessories for your phone.  Simply do a search for your model of phone in the website and you’ll be given a list of iPhone portable batteries that will work for you.  If you’re looking for something more specific, a quick search for “iPhone Power Pack” will bring up several pages of results which you can choose from.

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Attraction and Swag

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Apple Inc.  New Headquarters

Apple Inc. New Headquarters (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

by sirkonstantine

Stop for a moment and look around your house. Think of all the things you recently purchased and think of the reasons why you purchased it. For example, I needed something that would cook my steaks evenly so I purchased a cast iron pan. I wanted to give my girlfriend a nice gift so I purchased a PINK POCKET KNIFE
All of these things, pans and knives, are in a tight and competitive industry where people are always trying to get more of the market than the next guy. A producer must try really hard to win over consumers–several million in ads hard.
None of this should be new to anyone who has been around business for a minute but, if we step back for a second, we will noticed that Apple is a little different: it produces stuff that no one asked for, that solve no problems, and, at the same time, people love to these novelties.
10 years ago, if you asked anyone if they wanted a device that is not quite a laptop and not quite a cellphone, what would they say? You can’t type on it like a laptop and you can’t make calls on it. It really doesn’t fulfill a real need.
Now, if you go ahead and make a product that people said they didn’t want or need, the product will most likely fail… unless you are Apple.
Even if you found out that people wanted it (but don’t need it), the product can still fail. For example, consumers told industry experts that, yes, they wanted 3D televisions at home. That was a few years ago and 3D televisions sales right now are terrible.
Don’t believe me that there are no needs for iPods, iPhones, and iPads? Before the iPod, there were still other music players that were small and portable. Before the iPhone, there were still cellphones and smartphones. Before the iPad there were phones, laptops, and tablets.
The need were already being fulfilled but, somehow, Apple launches a product and people realized that their regular MP3 player, phone, and laptop are now all obsolete.
So, how does Apple do it? Keynesian economics would shudder when I say this but people are not rational. People do not maximize utility all the time and, if we were 100% rational, wouldn’t learning things like math or physics be much easier?
In the non-rational part of humans resides things like love, hate, and attraction. It is in my firm belief that Apple sells its products based upon attraction. The design is cool, the UI is cool, even the packaging is cool. Remember back in the day when all headphones were black? Remember how cool those white headphones that came with iPods were?
Big business is taught in schools were logic and the scientific method reigns supreme. Things like attraction and swag are hard to study scientifically because it is very subjective. Attraction and swag are not learned in a lab but by personal experience. Don’t expect an academic to produce the next big thing but do expect a smart person with swag to.

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