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A friend of mine is doing some tweaking to her business. She has a new brand she is putting out there  and giving what she does a fresh start. I am excited because she will be at the top of her game by doing this. Positioning is an important part of business, so  I thought I would share a few lessons on it. Here’s part one.

So what is positioning?

Positioning happens in the mind of your potential clients. It’s where your product or service or book stands in their minds. You get to determine that, largely by what you are doing with your advertising and marketing and publicity.

By positioning our products, services or books we can be seen in a world of over-communication. And of course if you are seen as the clear solution to a problem, people will choose you. By choose I mean, buy from you.

Of course this positioning strategy can be used in your personal life also. However this series will focus on your business, book , products or services.

You have to understand what is already in your prospects mind and connect to that, not spend time and money creating something new. People’s minds reject new knowledge and accepts only the things that match prior experiences and knowledge.

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As for my friend- What’s in people’s mind about her type of business? Not much. I found most people have no clue what she can offer. Her new branding, the name alone will change that.

Those who do know, have had bad experiences and a hard time finding someone who was a good fit. If she speaks to that, she will bring in a lot of new clients. Another thing- the biggest fear her type of client has is a loss of control. If she can assure new customers ( via testinmonials) that they have control, they will be more likely to try her services.

Her services are very good, so once they try, they WILL stay as customers.

So, after reading this, what can you do for your biz?

Post your next steps or questions.

In part two I will talk about How You Get into the mind of your prospect.


One Response to “Positioning Pt 1”
  1. Michelle says:

    I think this is wonderful, powerful advice. I definitely will utilize it as I work on some upgrades in my business….Thanks as always you have excellent advice!

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