Positioning Pt 2-The Easiest Way to Get into Their Mind

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Getting into someones mind is important for your brand. Creating a position in someone’s mind means you have access to them. You can send them a message about your book, business, product or service.

The easiest way to get into someone’s mind is to be FIRST! As I write this for my friend who is doing some changes in her business- I know she will be the first in this new channel she creates.

Find something to be first in. Create your own category if you have to.

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What can you be first in? Post your ideas and questions!

Positioning Pt 1

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A friend of mine is doing some tweaking to her business. She has a new brand she is putting out there  and giving what she does a fresh start. I am excited because she will be at the top of her game by doing this. Positioning is an important part of business, so  I thought I would share a few lessons on it. Here’s part one.

So what is positioning?

Positioning happens in the mind of your potential clients. It’s where your product or service or book stands in their minds. You get to determine that, largely by what you are doing with your advertising and marketing and publicity.

By positioning our products, services or books we can be seen in a world of over-communication. And of course if you are seen as the clear solution to a problem, people will choose you. By choose I mean, buy from you.

Of course this positioning strategy can be used in your personal life also. However this series will focus on your business, book , products or services.

You have to understand what is already in your prospects mind and connect to that, not spend time and money creating something new. People’s minds reject new knowledge and accepts only the things that match prior experiences and knowledge.

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As for my friend- What’s in people’s mind about her type of business? Not much. I found most people have no clue what she can offer. Her new branding, the name alone will change that.

Those who do know, have had bad experiences and a hard time finding someone who was a good fit. If she speaks to that, she will bring in a lot of new clients. Another thing- the biggest fear her type of client has is a loss of control. If she can assure new customers ( via testinmonials) that they have control, they will be more likely to try her services.

Her services are very good, so once they try, they WILL stay as customers.

So, after reading this, what can you do for your biz?

Post your next steps or questions.

In part two I will talk about How You Get into the mind of your prospect.

PR?s Secret Role in Positioning


This article will define positioning for the business owners and how to use PR to boost their market position.

Positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization. It is the ‘relative competitive comparison’ their product occupies in a given market as perceived by the target market. It is about what is already in the mind of the target market. You must be in touch with reality, the reality of what is already in the prospects mind. It is very difficult to create something that does not already exist in their minds. Your goal is not to create something new and different. Your goal is to redirect what is already in their minds and retie those connections. Because people are constantly screening advertising information, we have to use positioning to get to our target market. By making our message super-simple we can overcome these filters.

As the business owner you to select the information that has the best chance of getting through to your target market. In advertising and business perception is reality. Getting your super-simple message through may seem like good luck. It is merely the result of great communication to the right audience. One of the easiest ways to get into someone?s mind is to be first. You also have to combine that with NOT giving the customer a reason to switch. Letting your target market know what you are doing is a great way to be first in their minds. School children are taught that Christopher Columbus found America. However, America is named after Amerigo Vespucci. Why? Because Vespucci spent a lot of time writing about the new world, his discoveries and theories. When he wrote Mundus Novus, it was translated in over 35 languages. Europeans credit Vespucci for discovering America and named it after him. Vespucci understood publicity and PR of his day. Columbus did not communicate a lot about what he found or did not find. No one really knew or understood what he was looking for. Vespucci came to America 5 years after Columbus and communicated, thus making himself first in the minds or Europeans.

Avis is a great example of a similar type story of using the combination of a super-simple message and PR. Avis is a great example of a similar type story of using the combination of a super-simple message and PR. Hertz is number one and Avis number 2. They had a slogan that went like this: ?we Try Harder?. Many people think they came up because they try harder. It was successful because it found a way to connect itself to Hertz. This is called an ?Against position?.

It?s a little different however it is easily used by anyone who is up against long standing solid competition. Independent coffee shops for example who have to compete against neighborhood Starbucks and Peete?s Coffee can easily make this stand. Getting your super-simple message out to media is easy when you have the correct training for it. Even a solo-entrepreneur or home based business can do it. You can forget about chasing the media and buying expensive media lists and waiting for calls from the media for an interview. Smart business owners who understand the power and leverage of radio are dominating their industries.

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