Our New Twitter Panel

From The Desk of Dr. Letitia Wright..

Dr. Letitia Wright

I’ve been thinking of ways to make the show more interactive this season. Because we are now nationally syndicated, it’s important to make the topics work nationwide. In order to widen my scope, I need your help!

No, no, I am not crowd funding! However, I am creating a new Twitter Panel for Wright Place TV Show.

I’ll be asking some questions and putting them out there on Twitter at #WPTVshow However… I also would like to be able to get some twitter responses from trusted people who are in the know. That is where you come in!

I would like have a segment on the show and report the responses of my Twitter Panel as well as the general public. This means I will be repeating your post with your handle on the show to the television audience. My show is not live, so there will be a delay between the actual answer showing up on twitter and the show, however, if people use the hash-tag, they can get in on the conversation or comment online.

If you would like to be a part of the Twitter Panel for Wright Place TV Show, then just reply here. Make sure you are following me at @Drwright1 and I will follow you and DM a conformation that you are on the team. 

Interested but not sure what Wright Place TV Show is about, please watch the online episodes on this site.

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