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Are you looking for a present that is a little bit different to the normal type of gift you usually end up purchasing? If the answer is yes then you should check out Unusual Gift Company.
They are an online marketplace supplying a wide range of handpicked Unusual Gifts by a broad range of independent sellers. Notable for their character, unusual design, materials, origin and social impact, the products are full of character and often have an exciting story worth sharing. Almost all of Unusual Gift Company’s products are eco-friendly and / or recycled and up-cycled.
Where gifts are British, they highlight the product with a British flag so that you can actively choose to support British designs and manufacturers.
In addition to sourcing Unusual Gifts that are British, Unusual Gift Company will also work with a number of overseas sellers, particularly ones promoting ethical sourcing and fair trade. Unusual Gift Company also support their sellers, investing in both their development and their growth. At present they spend 10% of their annual profits making a positive impact in the areas in which they operate.
Check out the range of Unusual Gifts here. Their products are categorised by Occasion, Interest and Recipient making it easy for you to view a vast number of suitable gifts.
Types of delivery services available and estimated delivery times can be found on each product page. Exact cost and method will be calculated once you reach the checkout. Unusual Gift Company are able to deliver to most EU delivery destinations; though sadly they do not deliver internationally at the moment. It’s worth bearing in mind that additional import duties and taxes may be added to your order depending on your delivery destination. You should know that multiple products and products from multiple sellers may also incur more than one delivery charge; however, you will receive a free delivery on some items and most others will be delivered in the UK for under £4.95.
Payment and purchases are all secure and can be made on-line using a variety of Debit and Credit Cards. Alternatively should you prefer payment can be made via PayPal.
If you experience a problem with your order, Unusual Gift Company are usually quite good at resolving your any issues and you can contact them directly thought the contact page on the website.

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Rialto Holiday Parade 12/14

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Join  me for some great family fun at the RIALTO Holiday Parade 

12/14 at 10 AM

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4 Ways You Could Still Be Sabotaging Your Savings Accounts in 2013

saving and spending


4 Ways You Could Still Be Sabotaging Your Savings Accounts in 2013

Now that the Christmas spend is over, you’ve got a great chance to get a fresh start on your savings in the New Year.

But you could still be destined to fail. Sure, you’ve set yourself a budget and you’re cutting back, but you could still be wasting money on senseless expense and needlessly wasting money in other areas.

Why not put your mind at rest by making sure you’re not committing these savings sins with your financial accounts?

1)    Not Keeping Cash for Emergencies

The most expensive problem is the one you can’t afford to fix.

Keeping a decent amount of cash on hand could be your secret savings weapon, as having the cushion to soften the blow of any unexpected disasters could prevent you from getting into serious problems.

There are two major benefits for keeping some cash around; primarily it means you can afford to deal with any unexpected problems without having to take out a dreaded short term loan or borrow from someone else. The secondary benefit is that you’ll have the funds to fix the problem right the first time, rather than opting for a cheaper solution as a temporary solution which will end up costing you further expense later on.

2)    Avoiding Your Bad Debts

While putting money into your savings accounts is a smart move, if you have a high interest credit card debt or an outstanding loan, you could be on the verge of financial disaster

Most credit card and short term loan companies have insanely high interest rates that dwarf the return on most savings accounts, so your debt could be growing faster than your savings.

Best practice is to start paying off your higher interest debts first, then any other priority debts before you start saving.

3)    Being Brain-Dead With Big Buys

Everyone’s definition of a big purchase is different, but if it’s in the triple figures you should be asking yourself a few key questions before paying.

Ask yourself 5 simple questions before you purchase: Can I afford this item? Do I need this item? Do I need it right now? Is this the cheapest place to buy it? Would it be more worthwhile to buy this than a cheaper product?

 If you find yourself answering no to any of those questions, make sure you think about whether it’s really worth buying it at all. You should consider spending a couple of days thinking about a must-have purchase to see whether it’s still an essential buy after a cooling off period.

4)    Forgetting to Plan For Your Future

It may be tempting to focus on your financial well being for now, rather than in ten, twenty or perhaps even thirty years.

If you’ve stayed away from bad debt and you have a healthy looking emergency fund, why don’t you think about putting something away for retirement, or investing?

While some companies will offer a pension it’s very rarely anything substantial, so putting some cash away in a high interest savings account or you could even consider fixed rate bonds if you’ve got the commit.

What Now?

Now you have a great idea of what financial behaviour has been letting you down, here’s to a financially frugal 2013!

Author Bio

About Author :

Geoffery is a personal savings blogger in the UK market.  He specialises in comparing the Fixed Rate Bonds (fairinvestment.co.uk/fixed_rate_bonds) market writing for sites like Fair Investment Company – a high interest savings and investment plans specialist.

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