Do You Need Insurance For Your iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5S

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Do You Need Insurance For Your iPhone 5s?

The Apple iPhone 5s is a fine piece of engineering genius, and definitely merits the AppleCare+ an extended iPhone 5s warranty if you can afford it. Your carrier will also try and convince you to buy insurance at the same time. The question is, will the warranty do or do you need the insurance as well?

So, Why Take Insurance At All?

Of course, you might argue that you don’t need to take out iPhone 5S insurance at all. After all, doesn’t Apple offer an out-of-warranty iPhone 5S replacement at $229 to replace damaged or broken phones? Yes, of course they do. That doesn’t really solve your problem, does it? You’ll still be shelling out money from your pocket. Plus, Apple won’t retain the same good old rate for ever. So don’t depend on the out-of-warranty replacement device. Think in terms of protecting your device long-term and getting full value for the money you’re investing.

Ok So Why Not Just Take Up The Extended Warranty?

Here’s what you need to understand. True, Apple offers a one year warranty that covers major defects – bad battery life, for example, or the touchscreen going crazy. What do you do if your iPhone 5S gets lost, stolen, or your little rugrat drops it into the loo? You will have to look into a warranty that covers accidental damage. But warranty does not cover accidental damage, only insurance does.

Ok, Yes, I See Why I Need Insurance

Now that you’re coming around, we suggest that you read through the fine print and compare features, benefits and prices before buying iPhone 5S insurance. True, iPhone 5s insurance does cost more than Apple’s iPhone 5s warranty. That’s because it offers greater coverage. There’s an upfront fee, a monthly premium and a pre-determined deductible that you pay while making a claim. However, take a look at these facts:

  • It costs less than $200 for an iPhone 5s from your carrier.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen and you’re without insurance, you’ll be shelling out no less than $649 for a new iPhone 5S.
  • If you bought a higher capacity model, you’ll be shelling out more to purchase another one off contract – $849 and more.
  • Without the carrier subsidy, the iPhone 5S is an expensive phone to own, and even more expensive to lose or damage.

Want More Reasons For Insuring Your iPhone 5S?

Water damage is an ever-present danger. A coffee spill is something that happens at least once a week in most people’s lives. You don’t want your iPhone 5S to become wet, do you? How do you predict that your brand new iPhone 5s, one that’s been dearly bought with hard-earned money, won’t suffer water damage? Water damage is the most frequent kind of damage reported by smartphone users; if you own an iPhone 5S, consider buying insurance that provides coverage for water damage.Why do you think so many iPhone 5 owners buy insurance? There’s no pred

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Accounting Software for Small Business: The Best Software to Use

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by Garrido

When it comes to running a business, the software that a business owner uses its going to be important. A man or woman that has their own small business, might not have the resources to hire a staff to handle the accounting aspects of the business. To help a business owner with their accounting needs, there are all kinds of accounting software for small business owners, but an owner also want to find one that can work for a tablet, and also on a Mac computer.

Though there are many different kinds of software available, using an accounting software for IPad can be very handy because it will give the owner the chance to work on their business expenses anywhere they happen to be just by logging into it on their device. One software that is versatile enough for everything including use on a Mac computer is called AccountEdge Pro.

Why should someone look into AccountEdge Pro:  Finding accounting software for Mac is not easy because of the Apple operating system. However, what makes AccountEdge Pro great is the fact that it can be used on many different devices including the IPad, the IPhone, a Mac book, or a regular Mac computer. AccountEdge Pro has a lot of great features such as free email support, resources for help if someone needs it, and was created by people who have at least twenty years experience in dealing with the needs of small business owners.

Two versions of the software:  To help a small business owner decide on which software they want, AccountEdge has two different versions of their accounting software. A small business owner might be wondering which version for the software is just right for their business. The difference between the AccountingEdge Basic and the Accounting Edge Pro is in its features.  The Pro edition will allow a small business owner to do such tasks as keeping track of inventory, managing your purchases, taking care of payroll, and issuing billing statements to be sent to clients.

A small business owner needs an accounting software that can do anything anywhere. The best accounting software that will allow a business owner to work from home, their mobile device, and in their office is called AccountEdge. With AccountEdge, there are two versions of the accounting software, and with it, a business owner can get the support they need 24 hours a day through email or help topics that are in the software itself.

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Attraction and Swag

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Apple Inc.  New Headquarters

Apple Inc. New Headquarters (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

by sirkonstantine

Stop for a moment and look around your house. Think of all the things you recently purchased and think of the reasons why you purchased it. For example, I needed something that would cook my steaks evenly so I purchased a cast iron pan. I wanted to give my girlfriend a nice gift so I purchased a PINK POCKET KNIFE
All of these things, pans and knives, are in a tight and competitive industry where people are always trying to get more of the market than the next guy. A producer must try really hard to win over consumers–several million in ads hard.
None of this should be new to anyone who has been around business for a minute but, if we step back for a second, we will noticed that Apple is a little different: it produces stuff that no one asked for, that solve no problems, and, at the same time, people love to these novelties.
10 years ago, if you asked anyone if they wanted a device that is not quite a laptop and not quite a cellphone, what would they say? You can’t type on it like a laptop and you can’t make calls on it. It really doesn’t fulfill a real need.
Now, if you go ahead and make a product that people said they didn’t want or need, the product will most likely fail… unless you are Apple.
Even if you found out that people wanted it (but don’t need it), the product can still fail. For example, consumers told industry experts that, yes, they wanted 3D televisions at home. That was a few years ago and 3D televisions sales right now are terrible.
Don’t believe me that there are no needs for iPods, iPhones, and iPads? Before the iPod, there were still other music players that were small and portable. Before the iPhone, there were still cellphones and smartphones. Before the iPad there were phones, laptops, and tablets.
The need were already being fulfilled but, somehow, Apple launches a product and people realized that their regular MP3 player, phone, and laptop are now all obsolete.
So, how does Apple do it? Keynesian economics would shudder when I say this but people are not rational. People do not maximize utility all the time and, if we were 100% rational, wouldn’t learning things like math or physics be much easier?
In the non-rational part of humans resides things like love, hate, and attraction. It is in my firm belief that Apple sells its products based upon attraction. The design is cool, the UI is cool, even the packaging is cool. Remember back in the day when all headphones were black? Remember how cool those white headphones that came with iPods were?
Big business is taught in schools were logic and the scientific method reigns supreme. Things like attraction and swag are hard to study scientifically because it is very subjective. Attraction and swag are not learned in a lab but by personal experience. Don’t expect an academic to produce the next big thing but do expect a smart person with swag to.

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