Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying Tax Preparation Software

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There a lot of different tax preparation software to choose from. Do not base it on cost alone. You need the best you can afford. When I asked my clients about why they choose to use the software that they did, most of them replied that they like the simplicity. They find it stressful to go into an office and some just don’t have the time it would take for the visits. Rarely is your tax visit a one time thing. You may need to back and forth if you forgot something. If you are already at home the most you have to do is run into the next room for any forgotten information.

Here are the top 3 things to consider.

1) 3 Versions- many of the tax softwares have a basic, premium and deluxe version. Look carefully at each one to make sure you buy what will really help you. For many people the basic version will not be robust enough to save them money and handle all of their life details.
2) Guarantee- does the software have one? What will you do if you get audited? They need to state clearly how they will assist you.
3) Can Your Computer Handle it- there is nothing worse than buying software , only to come home and find out you can not install it. If your computer can not run the software you are out of luck. Many places will not give you a refund on software.

Using the online software or purchasing it from the store, the do -it- yourself tax preparer must think about these these thing before they buy. You can take the misery out of doing your taxes if you just stop for a moment. There are millions of people doing it every day.

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Easy Accounting Software

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By Ben West

Starting up your own business can be hard enough these days. Not only for the obvious reasons, but there are hidden costs and things that have to be done that you don’t realise at first. But more specifically, I am talking about accounts and bookkeeping.

The topic of accounts and bookkeeping is a tough one. Because not only is it unnecessarily complicated subject, it is also necessary to keep well made accounts. Now doing your bookkeeping by hand is a very dull and tiresome process, and is also incredibly slow. These days it is much smarter to do it all on computers, but then it gets complicated! Not only complicated, but also very costly. Some companys charge over $700 just to let you keep accounts, and then they make it overly complicated! Why would anyone want to pay that much money just to do something they don’t want to do, and to do it in a ridiculously confusing way?

That is why today I am here to talk about EasyAs Accounting Software. EasyAs are a software design company that focus on building software that takes the complicated egde off of things. Now as a business they know all about the hassles of accounting software, so they set about creating their own. And thus, EasyAs Accounting Software was born.

Their software is arguably the easiest out there to use. Although it has advanced features, they try to keep it as simple as they possibly can just to make your life easier. But do you want to know the real icing on the cake? The price! They know that starting a business can be costly, and rather than put a massive price tag on their software, and as a result, making your accounting troubles become accounting nightmares, they have set out to be the best priced accounting software on the market.

But don’t take my word for it. They also offer a free 30 day trial so you can see for yourself! So if their software sounds right for you then head on over to EasyAs Accounting Software and take a look!

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Accounting Software for Small Business: The Best Software to Use

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by Garrido

When it comes to running a business, the software that a business owner uses its going to be important. A man or woman that has their own small business, might not have the resources to hire a staff to handle the accounting aspects of the business. To help a business owner with their accounting needs, there are all kinds of accounting software for small business owners, but an owner also want to find one that can work for a tablet, and also on a Mac computer.

Though there are many different kinds of software available, using an accounting software for IPad can be very handy because it will give the owner the chance to work on their business expenses anywhere they happen to be just by logging into it on their device. One software that is versatile enough for everything including use on a Mac computer is called AccountEdge Pro.

Why should someone look into AccountEdge Pro:  Finding accounting software for Mac is not easy because of the Apple operating system. However, what makes AccountEdge Pro great is the fact that it can be used on many different devices including the IPad, the IPhone, a Mac book, or a regular Mac computer. AccountEdge Pro has a lot of great features such as free email support, resources for help if someone needs it, and was created by people who have at least twenty years experience in dealing with the needs of small business owners.

Two versions of the software:  To help a small business owner decide on which software they want, AccountEdge has two different versions of their accounting software. A small business owner might be wondering which version for the software is just right for their business. The difference between the AccountingEdge Basic and the Accounting Edge Pro is in its features.  The Pro edition will allow a small business owner to do such tasks as keeping track of inventory, managing your purchases, taking care of payroll, and issuing billing statements to be sent to clients.

A small business owner needs an accounting software that can do anything anywhere. The best accounting software that will allow a business owner to work from home, their mobile device, and in their office is called AccountEdge. With AccountEdge, there are two versions of the accounting software, and with it, a business owner can get the support they need 24 hours a day through email or help topics that are in the software itself.

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