Should You Spread Your Brand?

his article is for those who are interested in branding and are unfamiliar with the laws of branding. Branding your business is not difficulty does take some thought and the creation of a branding plan. By creating your brand purposefully, you will get the most out of it. This will create more sales and make marketing dollars work harder.

There are laws to marketing. Most small business owners are only looking at a logo. They do not take into consideration all the laws and everything they could do to create a strong brand. Out of all the things a business owner has to do, branding is one of the most simple things to do. The Law of extension says it may be a mistake to add your product name to all kinds of products. Many mistake extension for borrowing credibility from another product and placing it on a new product. It works well for people. Not so great for products and services. It only confused the general public. They simply are not paying close enough attention to be able to distinguish exactly what is going on with your products.

The original product suffers from brand dilution.

The inconsistency of the extension will change the relationship of the buyer with the original product. At the least, the product will seem irrelevant to the market. By creating a unique experience for your buyers, you stand out in the market. The experience will create the image you need. To do brand extension properly, answer these questions:

Have you identified a profitable business model in order to compete in this new category?
What type of competitive response will come from you entering this new market?
How big is this new category you want to enter?

With the answers to these questions and the proper research data, you can pull off a brand extension successfully.

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