Printed Presentation Folders to Enhance your Proposal

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Printed Presentation Folders to Enhance your Proposal

by Roger BrainTree

Printed presentation folders allow a company or business to add sleek looking designs and personal touch to a proposal. At first glance a presentation folder may seem over the top and nonessential, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Custom printed folders can benefit your business by adding to your professionalism as well as increasing your customer base’s opinion of your business or service offered.


On the most basic level printed presentation folders can benefit your business by adding an extra level of organization. Having just one kind of standard folder to use for all presentations will help improve organization by eliminating last minute scrambles to find a folder or showing up to a presentation without a folder. Also, just having one sort of standardized folder will allow you and your company to focus on a specific structure for the uniform organization of all presentations. The added structure provided by custom printed folders will allow you to focus more on coming up with good content for a presentation rather than worrying about how to organize it.

Promoting a Successful Appearance

In addition to aiding with structure and organization, printed presentation folders will benefit your business by promoting a successful appearance. Having a successful appearance can be the difference between a client choosing you or one of your competitors. It is a well known fact that appearance and presentation are some of the biggest influences for customers when they are considering purchasing a product or a service. Printed presentation folders will help to establish that you and your business are organized and professional. This added touch of professionalism will help to put the customer’s mind at ease making them more receptive to your presentation and information offered. As the custom printed folder will be one of the first things seen by anybody in a presentation, it is important that it looks professional and makes a good impression. Though it may seem like such a small detail a presentation with your company’s logo is sure to wow whoever sees it.

Additional Advertising

Beyond just promoting a successful image a printed presentation folder can function to provide additional advertisement for you and your business. A presentation folder with your company’s name and logo will make at the very minimum a subconscious impression in your customer’s mind. The more you can visibly present your company’s name and logo the better. More visual presentation of your logo and name will increase the chances of gaining clientele or sales. Furthermore, if you leave the presentation folder with a potential customer it leaves a visual reminder of whom and what your company is.

The Bottom Line

Obviously having a printed presentation folder alone is not going to sell your product or service. However, coupled with a solid business model, presentation folders will help provide that extra amount of professionalism that will place you a notch above your com

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