How to put social media on remote control

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Many people want to get involved in social media and are concerned that it will take up all of their time. I have a simple solution that allows you to appear online and engaged and yet, really only use a few hours a week to do this. Especially if you only have one brand you are pushing.

Right now I am in production for the television show “The Wright Place TV Show”, Solve It Sisters – web series, Wright Place radio and A Crowd Funded Life radio show.

My three brands, Wright Place TV, Solve it Sisters and A Crowd Funded Life all have their own social media foot print. Then there is my personal footprint.  Because of the brands I am handling, I spend a little more time that what I talk about in this article but not much more. You simply can’t be online all day and get any revenue generating work done

The accounts you need

My friend Dr. Rachna Jain keeps me up to date what what’s what.  I used to say you only need 3 social media, I have since then updated my numbers.

I highly recommend you have these accounts (they only take minutes to open)

Opening these accounts takes 30 minutes

This is a task that can be delegated

  • Twitter (my personal favorite)
  • Facebook (everyone lives here)
  • Linked in
  • Pininterest
  • Google Plus
  • Rebel Mouse
  • Foursquare

Rebel mouse will automatically add your activity to it, there is no need to post there once it’s set up. I send people to and they can see everything I am doing on each show. They can follow and subscribe.

Sign up for a account

Add all your social media to it (at the time of this writing, Rebel Mouse is not an option)

Use Hootsuite to pre plan your social media posts. It posts to all accounts if you want.  That’s why even on 5-hour flight to the east coast; I can have a post going out without bothering to get online. Spend 30 minutes a week and you are done.

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