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On the Set

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Yeah, You Still Need to Post 3 Times a Week!

Geri Jewell

Google has yet another program that helps to keep tabs on the “freshest ” material. New things on your blog will help your website get to the top of Google. I have three blogs, so I am looking at triple the work ( of writing). I am also looking at changing my style of posts. I want to experiment with more personal things and business, not just how to articles. So let’s all start posting more “fresh” stuff!

When I met Geri Jewell ( DEADWOOD) last month I had no idea she had a new book out. She was kind of quiet and shy and just enjoyed the day sitting at my cabana. She was not throwing her book at everyone with a pulse. She was nice to pose with me in the picture. Now that I know the book is out, I am more inclined to support her book. Congrats on your new book Geri.

How will you promote you new book? Sell out of your trunk? Throw the book at anyone with a pulse? Yes, there are always sales opportunities. I carry my square up device with me all the time, but its also about people getting to know you and like you and buy from you.

Dr. Letitia Wright Directs the Legendary Brian Tracy in His First Film Acting Role


Dr. Letitia Wright

Wright Place TV Show



Dr. Letitia Wright Directs the Legendary Brian Tracy in His First Film Acting Role

Rancho Cucamonga, CA –December 3, 2010—Ever since ‘The Secret” was released, motivational speakers have been using film as a new medium to reach their audience. The films feature motivational speakers as themselves. In Brian Tracy’ new film “The Journey Movie”, Tracy is cast as the character’s grandfather. This is Tracy’s acting debut. “It was exciting to direct Brian Tracy and watch him bring this character to life. “ says Dr. Letitia Wright the film’s director. “ By adding his personal wisdom and insights on business, we are able to teach key principles without being heavy handed.”

Based on an original story by Don Boyer, the film also features Bob Proctor, Nik Halik, Kandee G, Dr. Joe Rubino and Don Boyer as Jonathan. This is Dr. Letitia Wright’s debut as a film director. “I have been in the position of producer on films and television before and I was excited to take on this project as director. I wanted to add something new to a genre of movie which had become pedestrian. The Journey Movie takes a different approach with the mix of story telling and information and is something people will enjoy watching.”

On working with Brian Tracy, Dr. Wright says “It was a rare opportunity. I don’t think he will be doing a lot of film in the future. I am glad I got to be the one to direct his acting debut. I hope in the years to come that this will be seen as a Brian Tracy classic.”   Previews of the movie had garnered warm The Journey Movie premiers on December 9th at Cinema City Theatres in Anaheim Hills, California.   Dr. Wright is currently in pre-production for her next television series called Wright Girls Guide.

The trailer can be seen at

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