5 Ways You Can Save On Your Courier Service

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If you plan to use a courier service, you may have some questions about costs. There are several ways that you can reduce costs when you use a courier service. Here are the top five ways to save money when using a courier service for your business needs.


It can be a good idea to get a lot of quotes from various courier services. If you do this, you can analyze the various services offered by the courier services and pick the best one that’s cost effective for your needs. In some case sit can be better to go with a smaller courier service as they will often offer discounts or deals to entice new users. Many courier services offer quotes directly from their website or you can just call them to find out the rates that work for you.

Find a Courier with Spare Room

Many courier send shipment that aren’t full and you can take advantage of this. If the courier is going in the same direction as a shipment you need to make, you may be able to save money on your shipment by using a courier which still has room for packages. You can also do this in reverse because if the courier is leaving from the location you’re in empty, you may be able to have your packages delivered on the way back.


You can save money if your packages are packed in the right way. The courier wants to be sure that the goods are packed well so they can simply put them in the van and be on their way. If you can ensure the company that the items will be packed well, they may reduce the quote they give to you and you’ll save some cash.


Make sure you have some flexibility in your delivery times if possible. A courier may only travel along your route a couple of times per week. If you don’t need things to go out right away, simple wait a few days and send everything out all at once. By doing fewer trips you’ll save some money. If you can be flexible the courier may give you a good rate as this will also save them money as they don’t have to come back multiple times to get goods as they can get them all at once from you.

Just Ask

You should just ask the company if there’s a way for you to save on your shipments. Most courier will have discounts as well as deals which are beneficial to you, but you may have to ask for them. In some cases they may lower rates to meet your budget so ask when you get a quote from them.

You can save money by using a courier as there are ways to do this. Make sure you ask them about quotes and check out several services to get the best rates. Don’t just settle on the regular price you do have some room to maneuver in terms of costs when working with a courier service.